20 under 40: April Lundquist

April Lundquist

Pharmacy manager for Sanford Sheldon Medical Center

SHELDON—April Lundquist likes to think of a hospital pharmacy’s staff as the offensive line of a football team.

“If we’re not doing our job, people know,” said Lundquist, the pharmacy manager for Sanford Sheldon Medical Center. “Otherwise, if we’re doing our job, we just kind of fly under the radar.”

The Sioux Center woman said the hospital pharmacy’s No. 1 job is patient safety.

“Obviously, we take care of all the medications for the people in the hospital,” Lundquist said. “We’re also involved with making sure a patient has an accurate med list when they come into the hospital.

“Another thing, too, that we’re getting more involved with is discharge medications,” she said. “Not so much that we dispense them, but we make sure the patients have them available on discharge with the local pharmacies.”

Among the responsibilities that come with her position are handling her department’s annual budget, dealing with staffing issues and making sure the pharmacy works well with the other areas of the hospital.

“I like the variety; it’s just not pushing pills,” Lundquist said. “We’re participating in patient care conferences, or we’re mixing up an IV for a patient who’s in the hospital or someone who’s in the outpatient area, or we’re talking to a specialist in Sioux Falls about a medication regimen or a doctor here about adjusting some medication.

“When we participate in a care conference with a family and the nursing staff and therapy staff, I would say one thing I really enjoy about that is interacting with the patients and their families and then helping them make sure that their medications are correct when they go home and that they understand them,” she said.

The native of Elgin, a small community in northeast Iowa, will celebrate her nine-year anniversary as Sanford Sheldon’s pharmacy manager in March.

She started out as an employee for Houston-based Cardinal Health until Sanford Sheldon took over the pharmacy in December 2015.

Lundquist ended up in N’West Iowa because of her husband, Scott, who is a Paullina native. The couple were married in May 2010 and moved to Sioux Center the same month.

Lundquist was an adjunct instructor in the pharmacy technician program at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon 2013-15.

She has enjoyed working with Sanford Sheldon’s pharmacist and three pharmacy technicians as well as other hospital employees.

“We have a great staff here,” Lundquist said. “Our medical staff and our nursing staff here at the hospital are great to work with. That’s part of the joy of the job.”