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O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office

PRIMGHAR—A rural Paullina man and woman were arrested about 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31, following an attempted Halloween prank on a former employer near Primghar.

The arrests of 34-year-old Jared James Magnussen and 25-year-old Francesca Marie Magnussen stemmed from a 911 call regarding a suspected burglary at a hog facility about four miles southeast of Primghar, according to the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller said he tackled one of the individuals who was on the property in an attempt to protect the hog property he manages.

Jared Magnussen then retrieved a firearm that was in his pickup and discharged it, according to the incident report.

The Magnussens admitted that it was their intention to go to the hog facility and move around items at the property as a prank in retaliation for being fired a month earlier by the company that manages the pigs.

Jared Magnussen also admitted to kicking and moving bait boxes at the property.

He was charged with first-offense trespassing, fifth-degree criminal mischief and reckless use of a firearm.

Francesca Magnussen was charged with first-offense trespassing and fifth-degree criminal mischief.