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SHELDON—Two men were arrested about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, June 6, in Sheldon on numerous charges following a report of an altercation earlier in the evening at the Ocheyedan Pits.

The arrests of 23-year-old Dallas Matthew Wiersma of Sheldon and 22-year-old Dylan Michael Bronson-Groen of Sioux Falls, SD, stemmed from an investigation into three 911 calls at about 7 p.m. regarding a fight at the Ocheyedan Pits, according to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

According to three individuals assaulted and two witnesses, Wiersma and Bronson-Groen appeared to have been using marijuana and large quantities of alcohol.

When a tube floated away from the group, Bronson-Groen retrieved it and then became upset when the owner did not thank him.

Wiersma then lunged at the tube owner and put him in a choke hold with one arm and punched him with the other, according to the incident report.

Bronson-Groen pushed a woman out of the way and started hitting the tube owner as well. The woman continued to try to stop the fight and Bronson-Groen continued to push her to the ground.

Another individual came over and was able to separate the individuals.

Wiersma and Bronson-Groen then headed to their vehicle and as they did another woman told them they should leave, and Bronson-Groen shoved her away.

As they were leaving, Wiersma and Bronson-Groen said they were going to get a 9 mm pistol and kill them.

Authorities eventually determined the two men were in Sheldon and contacted the Sheldon Police Department.

Officers found Wiersma and Bronson-Groen at 212 Seventh St. in Sheldon. A 9 mm handgun also was found at the house. Urine samples from the two tested positive for THC, according to court documents.

Wiersma and Bronson-Groen were arrested on charges of willful injury — causing bodily injury, threat of terrorism, possession or carrying of dangerous weapons while under the influence, assault, disorderly conduct — fighting or violent behavior and public intoxication.