2020 Tulip Court candidates

The 2020 Tulip Court candidates are (front, from left) Julia Howe, Tessa Burg, BreElle Van Zee, Madisyn Mulder, Julianna Van Grouw, Kayla Vande Zande, Delia Rodriguez; (back) Madison Riemersma, Rachel Jorgensen, Megan Bylsma, Aubyn Zwart, Sydney Krommendyk, Sophie Swart and Kassandra Diehl.

ORANGE CITY—The 2020 Tulip Court Election will be noon-8 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Stadscentrum in downtown Orange City.

Candidates are:

  • Tessa Burg, daughter of Doug and Lisa Burg.
  • Megan Bylsma, daughter of Lauren and Melinda Bylsma.
  • Kassandra Diehl, daughter of Todd and Stacy Diehl.
  • Julia Howe, daughter of Sean and Kristyn Howe.
  • Rachel Jorgensen, daughter of Jerry and Dawn Jorgensen.
  • Sydney Krommendyk, daughter of Mike and Lisa Krommendyk.
  • Madisyn Mulder, daughter of Scott and Jill Mulder.
  • Madison Riemersma, daughter of Sherrie Vande Weerde and Cory Riemersma.
  • Delia Rodriguez, daughter of Ines Castro and Jose Rodriguez.
  • Sophie Swart, daughter of John and Mary Swart.
  • Julianna Van Grouw, daughter of Jerry and Melanie Van Grouw.
  • BreElle Van Zee, daughter of Tim and Sara Van Zee.
  • Kayla Vande Zande, daughter of the Rev. Mark and Kim Vande Zande.
  • Aubyn Zwart, daughter of Brad and Shawn Zwart.

Eligible voters are adults with an Orange City address and seventh- through 12th-grade students at MOC-Floyd Valley Middle and High School, Unity Christian High School and Orange City Christian School.

The 2020 Tulip Court will be announced Thursday, Sept. 19.