SHELDON—The Sheldon mayor and two councilmen are giving considerable thought about if they will run for their spots again.

Monday marked the first day to file papers for this November’s city council and Sheldon School District Board of Education election. Candidates have through Sept. 16 to file.

Mayor Greg Geels and councilmen Tom Eggers and Ken Snyder all have expiring terms and their positions will be on the ballot come November. All three have not made 100 percent made up their minds if they are running again.

Geels was appointed as mayor on Monday, April 15, 2019, 40 days after Tricia Meendering resigned. Geels later won a special election in May 2019 to remain as mayor.

He has served as mayor for the last two and a half years and his term expires in November.

Geels said it is under consideration to run as mayor again and feels his time in the head chair has for the most part gone very well.

“There have been moments, but for the most part, it’s been good,” Geels said. “We are moving in the right direction as far as the city is concerned. It’s a great staff to work with and there’s a great cohesiveness with the council.”

Eggers was voted onto the council in the at-large seat during the November 2017 election. He filled the seat vacated by Zach Sawyer.

Eggers said it is too early to make a decision whether he will run for a second term, but he has given it some thought.

“I have certainly enjoyed the opportunity to be on the council for the last four years,” Eggers said. “I believe I will probably be running for re-election.”

Eggers added he came in with expectations of wanting to serve the city of Sheldon and he thinks he has been able to do that over the past four years.

“I appreciate the community’s support over the past four years,” Eggers said. “That’s what encourages me to run again.”

Snyder has been on the council for only two months. He won a special election in June to fill the open Ward 2 seat vacated by Shawn Broesder, whose term was going to end in November.

Snyder has had a short window to decide if he is going to run again and he gave “no comment” when asked if he will seek re-election.

He said he has enjoyed his short time on the council, though.

“I’ve enjoyed the friendships and the different meetings and having the time to get the inside tracks and point of view from those involved,” Snyder said. “I haven’t had any difficult situations yet. I have had people give their concerns and point out things.”

If someone wishes to run for the Ward 2, at-large, mayor or school board spots, petitions are available in the Sheldon city clerk office.