Color and candy

The Foreign Candy Company entry makes its way down Main Street during “The parade at which the most candy is thrown out” in Hull on July 13.

HULL—“The parade at which the most candy is thrown out” certainly drew a large number of people sweet on sweets to Summerfest in Hull on July 13.

The young and even some of the old eagerly scooped up sugary confections in the morning hours before the hottest part of the day descended.

Faye De Kam, director of the Hull Chamber of Commerce, said the crowd was bigger than most years.

“It went really well,” she said. “It was one of the biggest turnouts. The weather was good and I think people were just feeling like it was summer.”

Candy was not the only type of item paradegoers received. There were T-shirts and flying discs soaring through the air, tubes of lip balm and bouncing balls being picked up and blocks of cheese and bottles of water handed to crowd members.

As the parade carried on and the outside temperature rose the bottles of water were quickly consumed.

The parade route extended almost the entire length of Main Street with no break in the crowds on either side of the street.

Children and other candy lovers stayed behind white lines painted on the road and parade volunteers helped ensure the safety of the crowd.

In previous years there were problems of children getting too close to parade entries as they rolled by.

“Nothing got out of control this year,” De Kam said. “The kids did not get too close and we told the entries to toss the candy past the white line.”

She said there was not even a problem of parade entries running out of the treats or items to throw to the crowd. Many times entries will run out of candy before the end reaching the end of the parade route.

“We did not have a hard anticipating how many people would turn up or how much candy to give out,” De Kam said.