SHELDON—With the $1.1 million in general obligation capital loan notes approved by the Sheldon City Council, the next step was to approve the plans and specifications for the project so contractors can start bidding on the second phase of the Crossroads North business park.

The resolution for the loan notes was approved during the consent agenda portion of the city council meeting on June 16.

Then the council heard from Pat Bickett of Schlotfeldt Engineering of LeMars about the project, which will extend Crossroads Drive North, the water main and the storm sewer at Crossroads North.

The road will go from the current intersection to the east property line of the addition. Crossroads Drive North will be extended to the north property line of the addition. The end of the turnaround of Crossroads Drive North is planned as a granular one, not concrete.

Sheldon Public Works director Todd Uhl said a granular turnaround was recommended by the development committee.

“It’s there because we have an option on the ground to the north,” Uhl said. “The theory is, if we ever do exercise the option to the north, we can then extend the road without tearing up the pavement.”

The engineer’s estimate for the project is $890,000, which includes a 15 percent contingency. Without the contingency, the estimate is $774,000.

“In a perfect world, I would like to see it come in at that,” Bickett said. “But I expect we might see a little bit higher than that because the previous estimate in November of last year was $905,000, so we are in line with what we had in the budgetary process.”

Mayor Greg Geels asked if the estimate is based on “going rate.”

“I did my best to figure out what it was today,” Bickett said. “The previous estimate was not based on a completed design. The biggest difference is I had a 20 percent contingency on the previous estimate and I dropped that down to 15.”

The completion date for Crossroads North Phase II is set for Aug. 31, 2022.

Bickett said that gives the contractor a wide open window to complete the project.

“I am sure you guys have all heard about material shortages for all kinds of different things,” Bickett said. “The hope is this will give the contractors plenty of time to get materials ordered, get it scheduled and get it completed.”

Uhl has talked to some of the contractors who might bid on the project and all but one thought the process the council is going through would help offset or mitigate some of the potential increased material cost.

“It’s mainly water main pipe that I am hearing they are having problems getting,” Uhl said. “But since we don’t have anything really large in diameter, everybody seems pretty comfortable with it.”

The council approved the plans and specifications for Crossroads North Phase II, set the bid opening for 1 p.m. July 15 and the awarding of the bid on July 21.

City manager Sam Kooiker said property taxes will not increase because of this project.

The first phase of the Crossroads North project, which is located by the intersection of Highway 18 and Highway 60, led to the Crossroads Travel Plaza. Godfather’s Pizza and Jimmy John’s are located in the plaza along with Cenex Co-op Gas & Oil.

In other business at the June 16 meeting, the city council approved:

  • A resolution approving bond counsel and disclosure counsel engagement agreement not to exceed $2.5 million general obligation capital loan notes for the urban renewal funds to address the Rainbow Drive project, a traffic signal at 34th Avenue and Highway 18 and improvements to selected downtown streets and alleys.
  • A resolution to for engineering services for a downtown mill and overlay asphalt project with Beck Engineering of Spirit Lake.
  • An amendment to rezone 3099A Nest Ave. and 3099 Nest Ave. from agricultural to suburban residential.
  • A time extension for the sewer lining project.
  • Pay request No. 2 for the 2021 street improvement projects.
  • The mayor’s reappointment of Dave Vande Brake to the board of adjustment.
  • The mayor’s reappointment of Cindy Runger to the Sheldon Prairie Museum Board of Trustees.