Blake the Wolf

Sheldon High School junior Blair Davison in her "Blake the Wolf" costume.

SHELDON— If Sheldon residents reported seeing a humanlike furry creature roving the streets they wouldn’t be crying wolf.

Blair Davison, a 17-year-old Sheldon High School junior, has been making appearances in the community dressed in her “Blake the Wolf” furry costume, which she made herself.

The black and white wolf body is a onesie while the head and gloves remain separate attachments. The only thing she has to finish are Blake’s feet.

So why a wolf?

“I’ve always liked wolves so I went with that,” Davison said.

The self-taught seamstress was inspired to create Blake after watching some of her favorite YouTubers make their own furry costumes.

“I thought it was pretty cool and I wanted to be part of that,” Davison said.

“What they basically do is they go to charity events and they raise money or they go talk to kids. That’s the goal of things and I just really liked that idea.”

The costume people have spotted recently is Davison’s second attempt at making her own furry.

Blake 1.0 made his debut at the Sheldon Celebration Days event over Labor Day weekend. Davison is pretty blunt in how she describes the attempt.

“It was a not-as-good version of what I have now,” she said. “I’ve improved a lot.”

Davison worked on making Blake 2.0 from late December to mid-February and she publicly donned the costume for the first time on Thursday, March 26, when she went to Ben Franklin Variety & Crafts in downtown Sheldon.

Some of the materials used to make Blake came from Ben Franklin and Davison said store employees were aware of what she was doing and wanted to see it.

Blake 2.0’s second appearance was at St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Sheldon on Monday,March 30, where Sheldon School District staff handed out bag lunches to students who are out of school due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Dressed as Blake, Davison kept her distance and held up a sign telling people to “Wash your Paws!”

She plans on popping up at more of the district’s lunch events, an opportunity that came about after one of her teachers, Jodi Grant, encouraged her to reach out to superintendent Cory Myer, who approved of the idea.

Donning the Blake costume serves a couple of purposes for Davison. She wants to help people smile during this trying time and it helps her escape her comfort zone.

“I’m like normally a very, very shy person and when I put the suit on, I’m just not anymore,” Davison said.