Sheldon mobile app

Sheldon School District superintendent Cory Myer holds up his iPhone, which has the district's new app installed on it.

SHELDON—Sheldon School District superintendent Cory Myer has a new favorite screen icon on his iPhone.

The district’s new mobile app became available in the App Store and Google Play Store on Monday, July 29.

Myer has had it on his personal device for a while and has delighted in showcasing it to other N’West Iowa superintendents.

“I’ve already been telling other sups, ‘Hey, go download my app so you can follow what I’m doing here in Sheldon,’” Myer said.

The mobile app is an added bonus that goes along with the new and improved, which also went online publicly Monday. The layout for the new site and the mobile app are similar.

Both features are part of the district’s increased emphasis on marketing. In May, it partnered with Apptegy, a Little Rock, AR-based firm that specializes in helping schools grow brands digitally.

Myer said the old website worked fine, but it was not compatible with the mobile app.

“They are going to be one in the same,” he said. “The old website just wasn’t set up in a way for that to happen.”

One of the features Myer is excited about on the app and website is the live feed, which shows the latest posts from the district’s social media accounts, which are being streamlined as part of this process.

“We had a lot of different social media accounts,” he said. “One of the things we are going to try and do is unify and bring a lot of this together and look at this at the district level — and get all of the information they want on the entire district — or they can break it down by building level if they want to go in by building level.”

Myer said because Sheldon is a small enough district, he thinks website visitors will be OK with seeing posts from various buildings and activities.

“If you are a parent with a student in middle school or high school, you still want to see the elementary pictures; you want that connection still,” Myer said.

“If you are an elementary parent, you want to see what’s going in the high school because that’s going to be your kid in a few years.”

In addition to Apptegy and the district’s other digital partners, Myer said he and technology coordinator Kasey Trampel put in a lot of work on this project behind the scenes.

The soon-to-be second-year superintendent wants Sheldon to be the trendsetter in N’West Iowa, which is why Myer is delighted about the updated website and new app.

“It’s just cool to be able to download the app,” Myer said. “How many schools do you know that have their own app? We’re on the cutting edge.”