All 4 Fun's 'Dark Knight'

All 4 Fun manager Travis Garrison and co-owner Doug Oldenkamp pose on the “Dark Knight,” one of the company’s party buses.

SHELDON—Travis Garrison won’t dance on any of the poles equipped in some of All 4 Fun’s party buses, but he has no qualms about guests twirling around on them.

As per the business’ name, Garrison and co-owners Doug and Brian Oldenkamp — a father and son duo — want their guests to have a good time within reason while employing the services of All 4 Fun.

The Oldenkamps acquired the company from an Orange City couple in 2016 and relocated the business to Sheldon. With the addition of Garrison, who manages the business, the trio has been able to grow All 4 Fun and expand its fleet.

“The first two to three years, the only had the 16- and 20-passenger buses,” Garrison said. “Then I came on board and said, ‘We need to step up to bigger,’ and that’s when we purchased that black one and we just kept going bigger from there.”

All 4 Fun has a 20-seat bus named “Booz Cruz”; two 30-seat buses, “Footloose” and “Dark Knight,” which features a silhouette of Gotham city in the back window; and a 40-seat bus dubbed “Sweet Caroline” after the Neil Diamond classic.

All 4 Fun party bus fleet

All 4 Fun has a fleet of four party buses ranging from 20 seats to 40 seats. The most popular destinations for the Sheldon company to take its guests are the Iowa Great Lakes, Sioux City and Sioux Falls, SD.

It’s not rare for all four buses to be in service at once.

“During the summertime, just about every weekend,” Garrison said.

He handles the day-to-day affairs and marketing, Doug Oldenkamp serves as the bankroll and Brian Oldenkamp provides the labor.

The younger Oldenkamp converts used buses into party buses — something he does in his spare time when he is not running his other businesses, Oldenkamp Detail of Sheldon and PartyFun Rentals of Alton.

It takes about a month to build a party bus, which is equipped with a booming sound system, funky LED lights and the aforementioned poles; however, without any other obligations, Brian Oldenkamp estimates he could complete one in a week.

All 4 Fun party bus interior

Each All 4 Fun party bus is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, comfortable seating, LED lights and other accessories.

Additionally, All 4 Fun has a mutually beneficial deal with the automotive and light-duty diesel technology program at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon.

The students maintain the buses to Iowa Department of Transportation standards for All 4 Fun in exchange for real-world work experience on vehicles they normally would not have direct access to.

“Where in northwest Iowa are you going to see these city transit buses? You don’t,” Garrison said

All 4 Fun carries a $5 million liability policy on each bus and it supplies the drivers. The company also utilizes technology so its customers can just visit to make their arrangements.

The All 4 Fun fleet can be spotted just about anywhere, according to Garrison.

“We do a lot of wedding in northwest Iowa,” he said. “We are licensed to go all over the 50 states.”

The most popular rental destination are the Iowa Great Lakes, Sioux City and Sioux Falls, SD, although they do venture out farther.

Garrison also noted All 4 Fun offers service for any occasion — bachelor/bachelorette parties, children’s parties, family reunions and even some general transportation.

“Anything you can think of, we’ll drive it,” he said.