Innovative Machine buidling

The former Innovative Machine building at 1313 Second Ave. in Sheldon could soon house a can redemption center.

SHELDON—Jackie Ney’s can-do attitude is leading her to another business venture.

On Friday, Sept. 27, the Sheldon restaurateur filed an application for a zoning permit with the city of Sheldon to open a can redemption center at the former Innovative Machine building at 1313 Second Ave.

This is Old 60 Steaks & Chops owner’s second attempt to find a building to host a new redemption center in Sheldon.

Ney withdrew her initial request to the city’s board of adjustment after hearing complaints about the proposed location at 205 Ninth St., which used to house Chinese Chef.

Other businesses in the area were not receptive to the idea and a petition was started before her Sept. 11 board hearing commenced.

“That was not my intention nor my goal to upset anybody, so I have withdrawn my appeal but I am not finished; I have located another site,” Ney said on Sept. 9.

To open her business at the new location, Ney would need the board of adjustment to approve a special exemption to allow limited warehousing and distribution, according to Sheldon city manager Sam Kooiker.

Ney’s purchase of the property is contingent on the board’s approval.

According to documents Ney provided the city, her goal would be to open the redemption center this fall.

Sheldon has been without a full-time redemption center since Corner Can Redemption Center drastically cut back on operations on July 31.

The next board of adjustment meeting has not been scheduled yet as the collective meets as needed.