Veterans Memorial by Kelly Williams

SHELDON—Sheldon resident Kelly Williams was shocked when he found out one of his photos was selected as a winner the Sheldon Public Library’s photo contest.

The budding photographer submitted nine photos to the contest, which was open to all Sheldon residents. The only requirement was photos had to showcase memorable Sheldon events, photogenic outdoors spaces or nature scenes.

Williams’ winning photo was an evening shot of the Sheldon Veteran Memorial located on the south edge of City Park. Although he was shocked, Williams was confident at least one of his photos would make it.

“I had that one feeling one would make it,” Williams said

The memorial photo also is significant to Williams.

“That memorial isn’t there to look pretty, it’s to remind us that men and women on those gave there time and lives for this country,” he said.

Other winners were Dan Taylor, Elisa Scheaffer, Audrey Winter and Rachel McDonald.

All of the winning photos featured serene moments around town.

Taylor submitted a shot of snowy trees along the Sheldon Recreational Trail; Scheaffer submitted a snowy photo of the welcome arch of the rec trail at Hills Park; Winter submitted a photo of Sheldon’s Avenue Flags surrounded by fall foliage, and McDonald’s photo shows a winter scene at City Park featuring snow-covered trees and the gazebo.

Sheldon library director Nicole Morgan said more than a hundred photographs were entered into the contest and the library board made its decisions when it met Feb. 20.

“Basically, we just went through all of them and were looking for things that look like they represented Sheldon,” Morgan said.

She said they still are measuring and deciding what sizes to blow the photos up to, but thinks they could grace the walls of the newly renovated book depository within a month.

“We are pretty happy with the results,” Morgan said. “We can’t wait to get them hung up on the wall.”

Winning shots:

Avenue of Flags by Audrey Winter
Rec Trails Archway by Elisa Scheaffer
Park Gazebo by Rachel McDonald
Veterans Memorial by Kelly Williams
Winter Trees by Dan Taylor