Sheldon Police Department

SHELDON—A Sheldon couple was arrested following a domestic dispute about 9 a.m. Saturday, July 18.

The incident involved 30-year-old Travis John Kidd and 33-year-old Kendra Sue Goeden at their residence at 1011 16th St. No. 22, according to the Sheldon Police Department.

Kidd allegedly punched Goeden in the left eye, causing redness bruising and swelling at about 1 a.m.

However, Goeden later became upset that Kidd was going to leave her and threatened to commit suicide if he did, according to court documents.

Kidd called the police about 9 a.m. using Goeden’s phone and she began to chase Kidd with a kitchen knife.

Kidd escaped the residence and Goeden fled the scene, resulting in authorities issuing an attempt-to-locate notification.

Kidd was arrested about noon on a charge of first-offense domestic abuse assault resulting in injury or mental illness.

Goeden was located about 2 p.m. and arrested on a charge of first-offense domestic abuse assault displaying or using a weapon.

No contact orders were issued against Kidd and Goeden with each other.