Kathy Sterler talks to council

Kathy Sterler of Sheldon talks to the Sheldon City Council on Thursday, Jan. 2, about a property proposal she and her husband, Kerwin, presented the city.

SHELDON—Although the Sheldon City Council has two parties interested in taking on two downtrodden city-owned properties, it may consider allowing more investors to enter the fray.

When it meets at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15, city manager Sam Kooiker plans to suggest the council make a motion to considering creating a “last best offer” period, meaning people would have until noon on Feb. 5 to submit proposals on two properties.

For the past few months, the council has been trying to offload two properties, a residence at 1023 Garfield Ave. and the Sunset Motel at 1401 Second Ave.

Both wings of the Sunset Motel have to be demolished although the city considers the home that also served as an office for the business to be salvageable. The motel has been closed since October 2016 after its owner died.

The residential property at 1023 Garfield Ave. was formerly the home of Jerry Mulder, who died on Nov. 10. The home is thought to be a former train car and the contents inside of it and nearby garage are included. These structures also will need to be leveled.

The city is negotiating an agreement with Kent and Janet Lohrenz of Sheldon to take on a third property, the former D.J.’s Redemption Center at 428 W. Park St., and a suggested hearing for that transaction also is Feb. 5.

The council’s challenge with the 1023 Garfield Ave. property and the 1401 Second Ave. property are that there were two competing proposals that have some similarities.

Tim Pottebaum of Sheldon proposed clearing the property at 1023 Garfield Ave., including the existing home, and relocate the home from the Sunset Motel and add a two-stall garage.

As far as the motel property, Pottebaum said he would clear it of all debris and level it out in a timely manner and figure out what do with it from there. He offered the city $1 for each property.

The rival offer from Kerwin and Kathy Sterler would see them pay the city $5,000 for the Sunset Motel property and they would remove the motel wings, remove the asbestos and repair the house, clear trees and eventually place six new mobile homes on the property.

Contingent on the city accepting that proposal, the Sterlers would purchase the 1023 Garfield Ave. property for $1 and remove the existing house and replace it with another home that would be brought in from outside city limits.

According to Kooiker’s suggested motion, Pottebaum and the Sterlers would be able to submit their current proposals, withdraw completely or present a new proposal.

Additionally, other people also would be able to make sealed offers.