SHELDON—The city of Sheldon is looking to renew its information technology services with Super Hi-Tech along with upgrading its server during the city council meeting Wednesday, May 5.

The city’s last server was purchased from Sheldon’s Super Hi-Tech in 2013, before co-owner Wayne Barahona was a member of the council. The resolution is on the new business portion of the agenda so Barahona can abstain from voting on the resolution. If there are questions, Barahona can answer from the floor.

According to the explanation on the city council agenda, a typical server life span is around five years. The new server along with the necessary software comes at a cost of $2,649.94, according to a quote from Super Hi-Tech.

The company also gave a quote for full services through June 30, 2022, which would cover the rest of the fiscal year 2020-21 and all of 2021-22. The quote from Super Hi-Tech was $3,134.

Sheldon city manager Sam Kooiker also received quotes from IT in a Box, which is a partner with the National League of Cities. IT in a Box is part of the company VC3 and is located in Columbia, SC.

IT in a Box sent prices for three different services. Its bronze service runs $2,361.72 a month, its silver service $3,494.57 a month and the gold service runs $4,239.38 per month.

One of the items on the consent agenda sets a consultation meeting along with a public hearing to amend and restate Sheldon’s Urban Renewal Plan.

If approved, the consultation meeting with affected taxing entities would be May 12 and the public hearing would take place at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 2.

There are three key elements to urban renewal which are the urban renewal area, the urban renewal plan and tax increment financing.

The update to the urban renewal area would add additional Sheldon Regional Airport parcels to facilitate runway protection and expansion, add in the former Bethel Reformed Church site to enable demolition and conversion to taxable residential use and add in some Sheldon School District parcels to enable assistance to Children’s World.

The update to urban renewal plan is it should be viewed as “do not exceed” or “high ceiling” rather than a budget document.

With TIF, the city is seeking to release areas from TIF while keeping the parcels in the urban renewal area. This includes three housing areas ­— Schemper, Heritage Estates, Sunshine — and the Runger industrial/commercial area.

The council also has a resolution on the agenda to approve the plans and specifications for a city sewer collection system improvement project.

Sealed proposals for the project need to be received by 2 p.m. May 26. The proposals will be opened during the city council meeting on June 2 and a public hearing will be held.

The council is expected to fill an opening on the Sheldon Public Library Board of Trustees after Kim Hengeveld submitted her resignation because she is moving. Her last library board meeting was in March.

Madelyn Mullally, who is an optometrist at Sheldon Vision Care, submitted a letter of interest to mayor Greg Geels. Mullally has held leadership positions in various organizations in the past and wants to become more involved in the community of Sheldon.

Other items on the council agenda include:

  • A utility easement with the Drew Johannsen on the east side of his property at 1571 Thorman Ave. where a lift station will be located.
  • A liquor license renewal for Casey’s General Store at 1401 Park St. (Washington Avenue intersection).
  • A public hearing and approve a resolution for two zoning ordinance amendments, one to rezone 3075A Nest Ave. and the other to tighten urban livestock rules in arterial commercial and suburban residential zones.
  • An update on the damaged aerial fire truck.
  • A report from city manager Sam Kooiker.