Sheldon city council

Sheldon mayor Greg Geels turns to ask a question as Pat Meester takes notes. Meester was filled in for city clerk Angie Beckman at the meeting for last Wednesday’s meeting.

SHELDON—The Sheldon Fire Co. should have its new Spartan aerial fire truck no later than June 30, 2022, after the Sheldon City Council officially approved the purchase during the council meeting on July 21.

The council voted to purchase a new Spartan aerial fire truck during a special meeting on June 29 but the next step was to finalize the bond to pay for the $1,066,000 truck.

The last aerial truck was damaged when it hit a large branch of a maple tree on March 18. While the truck was totaled, the city did receive about $180,000 in an insurance payment, which will go toward the purchase of the next Spartan aerial.

After subtracting the insurance payment, that left $886,000 on the total for the Smeal 100 foot rear platform fire truck with a Spartan Gladiator chassis.

The council’s solution is to pay for the truck with a 15-year $1 million general obligation capital loan note.

There was one objection from Sheldon resident Marv Van Riesen, who wanted to postpone the bonding for the new fire truck for a period of no more than 30 days so the council could potentially pursue other avenues of financing.

Van Riesen, who sent a letter to the council before the meeting, also felt the council should finance the truck through a local bank.

Scott Stevenson, managing director of public finance for D.A. Davidson in Des Moines, pointed out the notes are usually sold to a local bank.

The council didn’t want to delay the purchase of the fire truck since it is leasing one from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus of Union Grove, AL. The insurance company is paying for the lease but it runs out after about 10 months, leaving a gap in between the lease and when the Sheldon Fire Co. could receive its new Spartan aerial truck.

So the council acted and approved the general obligation capital loan note to complete the purchase of the new aerial.

It wasn’t the only bonding issue for the council last Wednesday.

First the council approved a resolution to pay off approximately $2.5 million in Crossroads Pavilion event center debt.

Later, the council approved a 10-year general obligation capital loan note not to exceed $2.5 million. The note will be payable from urban renewal funds and it will fund the Rainbow Drive project, a traffic signal at the intersection of 34th Avenue and Highway 18 and some work on downtown streets and alleys.

The meeting started with a public hearing concerning the bid results for the Crossroads North Business Park Phase II project. No one spoke during the public hearing.

Sheldon Public Works director Todd Uhl revealed the five bids with Cleveringa Excavating of Alton coming in with the low bid of $759,563.40.

“He has subcontracted on several jobs and he has expanded into general contracting over the last several years,” Uhl said.

Cleveringa dug up portions of Fourth Street and Washington Avenue in Sheldon due to some spot sewer line repairs and demolished the former Budd-Z’s Sports Bar & Grill and Rec Center in 2014.

DeLoss Construction Inc. of Spencer had the second lowest bid at $769,963.90. Solsma Excavating & Tiling of Hospers followed at $791,853. Hulstein Excavating of Edgerton, MN, which is working on some of this summer’s street repairs in Sheldon, bid $826,955.50. Vander Pol Excavating of Orange City was the final bid at $839,496.09.

The council approved Cleveringa Excavating’s bid and the Crossroads North phase II project is set for tentative completion on Aug. 31, 2022.

Other items approved by the council include:

  • A three-year $50,000 quote for TownCloud development suite pertaining to permits and code enforcement.
  • Appointing Teri Elgersma and Jason Bork and reappointing Robbie Christians to the Sheldon Recreation Trails Board.
  • Appointing Thelma De Kok and reappointing Millie Vos to the Sheldon Library Board of Trustees.
  • Appointing Dustin Remme and Bill Boscaljon to the Crossroads Pavilion Board.
  • Designating Kooiker as the city officer to sign notice of the expiration of right of redemption for a parcel west of Second Avenue and Railroad Avenue.
  • Certifying a pay request and a change of order for the 2021 city street repairs.