SHELDON—Even though the Sheldon City Council approved a lease agreement with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus for a 2005 Pierce Platform aerial fire truck, there’s still plenty of smoke clouding the situation of what the Sheldon Fire Co. should do next.

Along with approving the lease during the last city council meeting on May 19, the council also had a discussion with members of the fire department about whether a new or used aerial fire truck is needed immediately or even if the department should replace the aerial.

The discussion will continue at city council meeting at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 2, specifically on when to continue the conversation.

Sheldon city manager Sam Kooiker identified the council meeting on June 16, when the council will welcome one of the three candidates who wins the Ward 2 special election on June 8. In a memo, Kooiker mentioned the discussion could continue to a special council meeting. Kooiker provided three options — June 22, June 28 or June 29 — for an additional meeting.

The Sheldon Fire Co. 1994 Spartan aerial was damaged when it struck a large branch from a maple tree in March. The Iowa Communities Assurance Pool deemed the aerial totaled and the fire department has been searching for a used aerial truck since. With the used market proving to be difficult, purchasing a new aerial truck has been mentioned.

The lease with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus is for 365 days, giving the Sheldon Fire Co. a window to make the decision.

The city council also will consider awarding the contract for the sewer collection system improvements.

On April 21, the council set the bid letting day for May 26 and Wednesday's meeting for awarding the contract.

DGR Engineering in Rock Rapids reviewed the bids, which ranged from the low of $785,105.60 by Bainbridge Construction of Kingsley to a high bid of $1,366,140 from Tom’s Backhoe Service of Brainerd, MN.

DGR Engineering had construction estimates at approximately $840,000 for the sewer collection system improvement project.

It has worked with Bainbridge Construction in the past and in a memo to Sheldon director of public works Todd Uhl, DGR Engineer said it thinks the business is “capable of completing this type of work.”

The council also will hold a public hearing on the awarding of the contract for the sewer collection system improvement project, which is set to be completed in July 2022.

Two other items on the agenda for new business include a second reading of the ordinance for a 3 percent increase in sewer rates effective July 1.

Amending and restating the Sheldon urban renewal plan rounds out the new business for the city council Wednesday's. The council will hold a public hearing on the proposed amendment and then look at the resolution before considering an ordinance on the issue.

The final item on the council agenda is a closed session to discuss resetting the annual evaluation clock for the city manager before July 1 instead of after July 1. If approved, evaluations for the city managed will be in May or June of each year, before the end of the fiscal year.

Other items on the agenda include:

  • Accepting Austin Klett’s resignation as the Sheldon Emergency Management Agency assistant director.
  • Setting a hearing for July 7 on the amendment to allow residential small livestock raising for lots with single-family dwellings by special exception.
  • Approving a rural housing assessment grant agreement for $10,000 with the Iowa Economic Development Authority along with a resolution approving a program fee of $10,000 with the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.
  • Approving the $100,000 Wellmark Foundation grant agreement for Crossroads Park Trails.
  • Setting the wages and health insurance contribution percentage for full-time nonunion employees for the fiscal year 2021-22.
  • Approving the water pipeline easement with the owners of 150 N. Runger Ave. and 103 N. Runger Ave. to assist with Crossroads North Phase II.
  • Directing the acceptance of a proposal to purchase $1.1 million of general obligation capital loan notes for Crossroads North Phase II.
  • Approving the 2021-22 cleaning agreement with The Summit and Village Northwest Unlimited.
  • Approving a burn request at Sheldon Livestock at 115 D St.
  • Approving liquor license renewals for Fareway, Casey’s General Store at 504 Second Ave. and the Eagles Club.
  • Approving the Sheldon Community Ambulance Team application for Cory Jansen.
  • Approving the application for student firefighter Daniel Paulsen.