Scooter's Coffee

The Scooter's Coffee kiosk will go in an open patch where Fareway is located. The drive-thru coffee shop is aiming for an October opening in Sheldon.

SHELDON—The owners of Sacred Grounds Inc. are hoping Sheldon is ready for s’more lattes.

Well, s’mores is a limited edition latte flavor offered by Scooter’s Coffee, so it may not be available when the popular drive-thru coffee shop plans to open in the fall in Sheldon.

However, Scooter’s Coffee will have wide variety of hot drinks, iced drinks, blenders, smoothies and tea available.

On July 15, the city of Sheldon approved a permit to allow Sacred Grounds Inc. to build a Scooter’s Coffee next to Fareway at 2603 Park St.

“The population is perfect,” said Sacred Grounds Inc. vice president Jay Van Dyken. “I think there is a need there that hasn’t been met yet from a commercial perspective for coffee and fast, friendly service. It’s Scooter’s bread and butter. We think that would be a great add to Sheldon.”

Van Dyken hopes the opening day for Scooter’s Coffee is in mid-October.

“Right now, tentatively, we are looking at the end of August for construction to start,” Van Dyken said. “We are hoping there aren’t any snags with any of the material. As long as we get a smooth build, it should be close to that time.”

Scooter’s Coffee is joining a growing coffee enterprise in Sheldon. Breü Haus Coffee & Brewery and Downtown Grounds each opened last summer and Truly Scrumptious offers different drinks.

All three are located on the west part of Sheldon while Scooter’s Coffee will be on the east side.

Van Dyken doesn’t see the other three shops as competition since all four have their different qualities.

“We can all benefit from each other. Scooter’s is a kiosk only and not a sit-down place,” Van Dyken said. “We offer different things. Each of us has their own niche. I don’t look at them as competition, I look at them as neighbors.”

Van Dyken runs Sacred Grounds Inc., which is based in Hull, with his wife Kimberly, who is the president. The two established the company this past year as an entity to run Scooter’s Coffee.

“We would love to be part of the community with the schools and different industries and organizations in Sheldon so it’s not just another franchise,” Van Dyken said.

It’s not the first enterprise for the Van Dykens. A decade ago they started Search One Inc., a recruiting business in Hull.

While the couple lives in Hull, they resided in Sioux Center for about two decades and Sacred Grounds Inc. will also be opening a Scooter’s Coffee in Sioux Center in 2022.

The Van Dykens decided to get involved with Scooter’s Coffee because of the company’s core values which are integrity, love, humility and courage.

“The values that Scooter’s has fall in line with our values and upbringing,” Van Dyken said. “It wasn’t so much coffee at first, it was more aligning with a company that fit with our core values. That was No. 1. It just so happened that it was a coffee company.

“We did our research not just from the financial part but also the communities they come into. They want to be ingrained with the fabric of the community. That’s what drew us from the get go.”

According to the Scooter’s Coffee website, the company is approaching 400 locations in the United States.

The Scooter’s Coffee buildings are anything but gaudy, usually taking up around 630 square feet.

Scooter’s Coffee only provides a drive-thru service and there isn’t seating inside of the building.

Per the permit filed with the city, the building in Sheldon will take up an estimated 638 square feet and will be built on Fareway’s property at the corner of Country Club Road and Park Street.

The land will be leased since Scooter’s Coffee and Fareway have a corporate agreement. The Scooter’s Coffee locations at Spencer and Spirit Lake are on Fareway’s grounds.

While it was a corporate decision to place the future Scooter’s Coffee next to Fareway, it is also a prime location since it is close to the Highway 18 and Highway 60 exchange. Sheldon High School and Sheldon Middle School are only a few blocks away.

“From our perspective, as far as traffic flow, being close to Highway 60 and close to the school along with close to the residential area in that direction makes for a great place for the franchise to be,” Van Dyken said. “It will be a great opportunity to capture traffic and for those who are coming into town.”

Van Dyken said they are looking to have a staff of about 15 people at the Sheldon location.

“Scooter’s prime principal is to have amazing people serving amazing drinks amazingly fast,” Van Dyken said. “It could be more than 15. Of course we are going to do everything we can to have employees right from Sheldon itself. That would be the ideal scenario.”