Rock Valley Police Department

ROCK VALLEY—A 39-year-old Rock Valley man was arrested Tuesday, Jan. 17, on a Sioux County warrant for assault causing bodily injury or mental illness.

The arrest of Joshua Eldon Uhl stemmed from an incident that allegedly occurred about 7:10 p.m. Christmas Day, according to Rock Valley Police Department.

A woman told police she was waiting in a vehicle in Uhl’s driveway at 1715 15th St. when she saw Uhl yell at and then kick the family’s dog.

When she entered the house to confront Uhl about kicking the dog, Uhl yelled at the woman and grabbed her by the shirt collar, shoving her up against a wall and then onto a couch, according to the incident report.

Uhl then grabbed her arms and shoved her out the door.

A warrant for Uhl’s arrest was issued Jan. 10.

A no contact order has been issued against Uhl with the woman.