PRIMGHAR—A major building project is underway for a Primghar-based agricultural business.

Work started on Monday, June 17, on O’Brien County Ag Supply’s extensive construction project located in the Primghar Industrial Park on the east side of the county seat city of about 870.

The business — which sells DeKalb seed corn and Asgrow soybeans and specializes in the application of chemicals for farmers — is having a new store and warehouse facility constructed, meaning it eventually will move across town from its store location at 320 S. Hayes Ave. in Primghar.

O’Brien County Ag Supply co-owner Josh Rausch said the new 80-by-240-foot building will be about double the size of the company’s existing warehouse and be­­come the home base to the business’ six employees.

“We needed a new warehouse,” Rausch said. “We’ll have new offices. Everything will all be out there. We will be relocating to the new facility.”

Construction on the business’ new facility — which will be built out of sealed concrete and covered by gray and black steel — is scheduled to be finished by this fall.

“The entire inside is engineered and designed for total containment, meaning if I have a chemical tote that breaks or leaks, I’m 100 percent contained and I have zero runoff,” Rausch said.

In addition, the company’s business partner, Wells Ag Supply of rural Fonda, will have an on-site liquid urea-ammonium nitrate fertilizer storage tank built at the same location.

The approximately 1 million-gallon storage tank will be constructed with securely lined containment next to O’Brien County Ag Supply’s new building.

“If you need five semi loads of nitrogen for your farming operation, I can tell the computer system that you need five loads and I’ll basically give you a ticket and a number,” Rausch said.

“You’ll have 24-hour service so at any point in time, you can come in and pick up your nitrogen,” he said. “All you’ll have to do is punch in your number and your code and it’ll fill your truck and keep track of everything.”

Rausch and fellow O’Brien County Ag Supply co-owner Brennen Triplett have been business partners with Grant Wells, the owner and CEO of Wells Ag Supply, since 2014.

That is the year that Rausch and Triplett took over the Primghar business, which had been known as Black’s Farm Store under the previous ownership from Jack and Clara Black of Primghar.

Rausch explained that O’Brien County Ag Supply and Wells Ag Supply have a good working relationship.

“We’ve always worked very closely with Grant,” Rausch said. “He was short on nitrogen storage so he thought this would be a great spot to put a tank and would help him out logistically. It would help us out to have a nitrogen tank on site.”

He described how farm traffic will flow at O’Brien County Ag Supply’s new building.

“There’ll be two load-out bays,” Rausch said. “You can pull in with your semi to load nitrogen or you can pull in with a semi or a pickup with a trailer and get loaded with corn, beans, chemicals, whatever you need.”

The business will store the DeKalb seed corn, Asgrow soybeans, Wells Ag Supply chemicals and other agricultural supplies, such as sprayer parts, it sells inside its new location.

“It made sense for us to have a joint facility here together,” Rausch said. “Our custom sprayers will all run out of this facility. We sell all of Grant’s chemicals for him. It made sense for us to have all of our needs on site in one location.”

Rausch and Triplett, who grew up on family farms near Primghar, wanted to reinvest in the community by constructing a new facility for their company in Primghar’s city limits.

“This is where we grew up, so this is where we wanted to have a facility,” Rausch said. “It’s nice to be in the city limits here yet to help support the town. It’s a really convenient spot. I’m just excited to have all of our needs in one location.”