Heather Jacobs

Heather Jacobs, Crossroads Pavilion assistant general manager, was a key organizer of the event center's adult game night on Friday, Jan. 17.

SHELDON—If you have a go-to karaoke jam, Friday, Jan. 31, is your opportunity to break it out.

Crossroads Pavilion event center in Sheldon is hosting The Great Escape Adult Game Night! The 18-and-up event takes place 6:30-10:30 p.m. and the price depends on what activities a guest participates in.

In addition to karaoke hosted by Stovetop Productions of Sheldon, the Pavilion also teamed up with PartyFun Rentals of Alton to offer guests LED mini-golf and an escape room.

It costs $10 for karaoke and mini-golf and $15 to include the escape room. There also will be a cash bar.

Lastly, Burn Unit BBQ of Sibley also will be on hand.

Heather Jacobs, Pavilion assistant general manager, said the game night is part of the Pavillion’s continued effort to lure more people in and make the best use of the venue.

“We’d like to keep planning more public events especially since January through like Aprilish is like our slow season,” she said.

“That’s one of our main goals of the event center: To make it more open to the public and not be like you have to book it to come here for anything.”

The escape room requires groups of four to five people and Jacobs said there will be designated time slots that teams sign up for.

“They’ll come in and get your group when it’s open, so you can hang out and do other stuff while you’re waiting,” Jacobs said. “If you don’t have a group to go with, you can still come and do other things and don’t pay for the escape room.”

Jacobs credits Greta Giese, coordinator for the Northwest Iowa Lifelong Learning and Recreation Center on the campus of Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, for setting up a meeting during the fall between Pavilion staff, Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation staff and Sveta Schubert of PartyFun Rentals, which led to the adult game night.

The LLRC hosted a Family Fun Day with PartyFun Rentals in December and the SCDC is planning a Teen Night at the Pavilion on Saturday, Feb. 1, with the rental company.

With families and teens covered, Jacobs thought the Pavilion could cater to the older crowd.

“Because we have a bar,” she said.

Due to weather concerns, this story has been updated to reflect the new date for adult game night and to include additional information.

Second update: Prices were lowered.