Shawndra Kuiken of Alton follows instructor Kristin “KP” Bailey’s lead during a Pound class at Rise Gymnastics in Sioux Center. The class is held every Tuesday at the facility and costs $8 to attend. 

SIOUX CENTER—Rise Gymnastics in Sioux Center has offered a class called Pound since November.

Instructor Kristin “KP” Bailey leads the class every Tuesday evening.

“It is drumming inspired,” she said. “It is a strength-training and cardio workout. It combines movements from Pilates and there is a lot of interval training. It is also like Zumba in that there are choreographed routines.”

Class participants hold on to Ripstix — lightly-weight drumsticks — and beat on the floor and clack the sticks together in time with music playing. The movements are quick and varied and involve more than just arms.

Bailey said the class is loud, with rhythmic banging heard. The louder the beats, the more effort being put in to the exercise.

“You can hear the physical exertion of your body,” she said. “You can hear how hard you are working and you get the burn without lifting heavy weights.”

Even though Bailey has been teaching Pound in Sioux Center since 2016, not a lot of people attend the class. She thinks it is because people are easily intimidated by the movements and the concept of rhythm, especially if they are not very coordinated. Some people might think they will not be able to keep up with the fast pace, but Bailey said the movements can easily be modified. Teaching the class at 36 weeks pregnant, Bailey has modified some of the movements for herself.

“People are surprised by how quickly they catch on,” she said.

Normally, first-time participants struggle a little bit with the rhythm and movements, but Bailey said if they show up for a second class they will have a better idea what to expect.

Her class size ranges from four to 11 participants.

People at various fitness levels can participate, and Bailey is hoping to start a Pound class for younger children. She also wants to incorporate a class for autistic children since Pound can be therapeutic. Drumming can be used to help autistic people through the repetition and by engaging physical and mental aspects.

Not only can it help those with autism but Bailey said Pound also can benefit folks who have a bad day.

“Where else can you go somewhere and beat things with sticks,” she asked.

When bad days happen Bailey said class participants can beat on the floor as hard as they want.

Pound is offered at Rise Gymnastics at 7:15 p.m. every Tuesday and costs $8. Bailey said people can preregister online and get a discount. She is hoping more people will discover how fun Pound is.

“I try to make the class fun,” Bailey said. “I like to amp up the energy and try to make the class engaging. I want people to want to be here, rather than just doing it because they are dieting or trying to lose weight. That is what is most important to me.”