Orange City Tulip Festival

Orange City Tulip Festival

ORANGE CITY—The Orange City Tulip Festival Executive Steering Committee has introduced an update to the Tulip Festival brand identity with a new logo.

The new logo was designed by graphic designer Vaughn Donahue of Destination Graphic in Orange City.

“With the 80th Tulip Festival approaching this May, the executive steering committee felt the updated logo was a way to celebrate the future of the festival while also paying tribute to its rich history,” said Reese and Cristi Kelch, chairpersons for the 2020 Tulip Festival.

The logo design process focused on creating an updated look that also kept in tradition with the festival’s classic look.

“Working with the committee, we felt it was important to create a recognizable icon for the festival that can be easily identified by both residents and visitors,” Donahue said. “In a town already filled with tulips and tulip iconography, it was a challenge to create something distinctive and unique. We’re excited about this new visual identity and how it will be used to promote the festival.”

Planning is well underway for the 2020 Tulip Festival, and the new logo is updated on the Tulip Festival website, printed materials, social media channels and more.

The theme for the 2020 celebration also was recently announced as “Vibrant Together. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

“The Tulip Festival is vibrant because of Orange City and its community members, and Orange City is vibrant thanks to our annual Tulip Festival celebration,” the Kelchs said. “It is with the help of our vibrant and willing volunteers that the festival has thrived for 80 years, and together as a community, we look forward to a future that continues to celebrate the Dutch traditions Orange City was founded on 150 years ago.”

The event is set for May 14-16.

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