O'Brien County Fair offers fun activities

The Goat Show will again be among the offerings at the annual O’Brien County Fair in Primghar in July 2019.

PRIMGHAR—O’Brien County is slated for a full-fledged fair with a stuffed schedule Saturday-Thursday, July 24-29.

“Our biggest thing is just to see everyone again,” said fair board president Darwin Gaudian. “Last year, the kids all got to come and show, but that was all they did. Hopefully, they can come and have a little more fun and do the entertainment, do the food vendors and whatnot. Just to see them out there is what my goal is.”

Last year’s county fair was only open to show participants and their family members with 4-H and FFA projects being judged without any other attractions.

With the coronavirus mostly a non-issue, Gaudian said it is good for the community to have summertime events resembling their former formats.

“We were all hoping to go back to normal, so we didn’t really dwell on last year where we cut everything back,” he said of the planning process.

Sarah Fiddelke is the county youth coordinator for the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach office in O’Brien County and works alongside the fair board.

She said she’s happy that the visitors will be allowed back and that it isn’t truly a fair unless the public can be there.

“It’s basically what our fair is and why we have the fair,” she said. “It’s just a big showoff of what these kids have been working on throughout the year.”

The 10 student groups — which Fiddelke works with — include six 4-H and four FFA chapters:

  • Caledonia Ramblers of Germantown.
  • Center Farmers of Primghar.
  • G&W Feeders of Sutherland.
  • Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn FFA.
  • Highlanders of Primghar.
  • MOC-Floyd Valley FFA.
  • O&O Kids of Hartley.
  • Sheldon FFA.
  • South O’Brien FFA.
  • Western Workers of Sheldon.

“The majority of the youth are excited to be back all day, every day,” Fiddelke said. “That’s what they live for. They like to come stay at the fair, not just show their stuff and go home like we did last year.”

In addition to agriculturally minded youngsters, other regular festivities return to the fair.

All the entertainment that was scheduled for 2020 was rebooked for this year thanks to Jan Gaudian, Darwin’s wife, who also helps lead the fair planning.

Other activities include tractor rides, all-terrain vehicle races, and new this year: a spelling bee.

“That is what I’m most excited about,” Fiddelke said. “I’m excited to get back to that extra stuff. It’s not just showing at the fair; it’s everything you can see and experience.”

This article first appeared in the July 17, 2021, edition of The South O'Brien Sun.