NCC board hears update on Building D

Kirk Lundberg of Estes Construction talks to the Northwest Iowa Community College Board of Trustees on Monday evening, Aug. 26. He updated the board on the progress of the approximately $8.1 million Building D construction project on the Sheldon-based college’s campus.

SHELDON—Northwest Iowa Community College’s Building D continues to un­­dergo an extensive renovation.

NCC’s board of trustees on Monday, Aug. 26, received an update on the progress and took a tour of the approximately $8.1 million Building D construction project on the campus of the Sheldon-based college.

The project, which began June 3, calls for the automotive and light duty diesel program portion to be fully renovated, with demolition and new construction occurring for the diesel technology program part.

Kirk Lundberg is the project manager/superintendent for Davenport-based Estes Construction, which is the construction manager for the project.

He told the trustees the demolition process was nearly done.

“The deep foundations in truck and diesel are complete,” Lundberg said. “The hoist cassettes, the trench drain, the oil/water separator, all the underfloor utilities in the auto lab are complete. The floors are also poured in there.

“The sanitary sewer has been replaced and the sanitary lines have been hooked up to the new manhole out in the parking lot by truck and diesel,” he said.

He noted concrete block walls inside the automotive and light duty diesel lab are being put into place.

“They are making good progress there,” Lundberg said. “The HVAC ductwork installation has begun.

“Also, the metal stud framing for above the windows — that started this last week as well,” he said.

He mentioned one of the challenges the project has encountered and how the issue is being resolved.

“The biggest challenge on the first part of this project is the aggressive schedule,” Lundberg said. “It is aggressive, and we’re working very diligently to make sure that we make that schedule.

“We’re tracking where we need to be,” he said. “We’ve been pushing and pushing and pushing some of these folks to get us answers and to get us action. That’s been helping a lot.”

Lundberg noted he has been pleased with the various companies working on the Building D project.

“From not being around here, it’s a lot of folks that I have never worked with before,” the project manager/superintendent said. “I’m very impressed and very pleased with everybody that has been on site so far.”

He mentioned material pro­­curement for concrete and steel also has been a challenge.

“I’ve been doing this for quite a few years and I’ve never seen where you had to give a 10-day lead time to get concrete on site in my total career in construction,” Lundberg said. “Usually, it’s a day or two.”

He mentioned R.J. Tide Construction Co. of rural Lawton, the project’s concrete contractor.

“They stepped up here a couple weeks ago, too, and got our floors put in a couple weeks ahead of what they had projected to do,” Lundberg said. “That helps a lot.”

He noted what was coming up next in the project’s timeline, such as cleaning and painting inside the automotive and light duty diesel lab, with renovation work on this part set to be completed by Sept. 27.

“They came in and started blowing the dirt off the ceilings and getting ready,” Lundberg said. “Then we’re going to put a primer on there that’ll seal everything up nice and tight and it’ll give us a new bond for the new paint that goes on.

“We’re going to be starting the concrete foundations in truck and diesel,” he said. “We’ll continue the installation of the utilities, structural steel in the auto and the shared areas, drywall and finish in the auto and the shared areas.”

The roof also will be re­­placed on top of the automotive and light duty diesel area and the shared-space classroom area to be used by that program and the diesel technology program.