Okoboji Middle School

The Okoboji Middle School property in Arnolds Park.

REGIONAL—The un­­official results have been released for the regular school elections held Tuesday, Nov. 5, across N’West Iowa.

The results for each race will not become official until their respective county boards of supervisors have canvassed and approved them.

Out of 1,375 ballots cast in the Okoboji School District, 825 voters were in favor of and 550 were against the following question:

Should the Okoboji school board sell the old Okoboji Middle School property at 10 Broadway St. in Arnolds Park to the highest bidder after an advertised and public bidding process, and apply the proceeds to pay down debt incurred for the new middle school building?

Okoboji voters last year approved a $25 million bond issue to help pay for the construction of a new middle school building next to the high school in Milford.

The project is set to be completed by the summer of next year.

Imagine Iowa Great Lakes’ bid of $1.1 million for the former middle school property had been approved 3-2 by the Okoboji school board on July 19, 2018.

However, the nonprofit beautification group withdrew its bid about two weeks later and decided not to buy the real estate due to controversy over it seeking the property.

On July 30, 2018, the Okoboji School District received a petition from a small group of school district voters requesting that an election be held to direct the sale of the real estate.

The Okoboji school board will discuss the sale process at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 18, at the district office in Milford.

Hartley-Melvin-San­­born and Sioux Center asked their voters whether a revenue purpose statement should be adopted to authorize the expenditure of revenues received by the school districts from the state of Iowa’s Secure an Advanced Vision for Education, or SAVE, Fund.

Out of 513 ballots cast, 408 voters approved the Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn ballot question while 105 were not for it.

Out of 753 ballots cast, 707 voters were in favor of the Sioux Center public measure while 46 were against it.

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed Iowa House File 546 into law on May 24, extending the statewide penny sales tax to Jan. 1, 2051. The SAVE legislation allows Iowa school districts to borrow against statewide penny sales tax revenue to help fund school infrastructure projects.

A revenue purpose statement defines the parameters and limits of how a public school district may spend the money that it collects as part of the SAVE funding initiative.


Listed below are the unofficial results for the four-year school board seats up for election on Tuesday, Nov. 5, in N’West Iowa public school districts:


  • District 2 two seats: incumbent Laura Woelber, 237 votes; incumbent Jason Moser, 220 votes; three write-in votes.
  • District 3 seat: incumbent Jake Ten Haken, 253 votes; two write-in votes.

Central Lyon

  • Three at-large seats: incumbent Joel DeWit, 260 votes; incumbent Andy Koob, 258 votes; incumbent David Jans, 235 votes; Cassandra Downard, 197 votes; nine write-in votes.

George-Little Rock

  • District 1 seat: Andrew Sprock, 466 votes; two write-in votes.
  • District 4 seat: incumbent Jason Fugitt, 438 votes; one write-in vote.
  • One at-large seat: Austin Lloyd, 215 votes; Paul Denekas, 186 votes; Allison Sandbeck, 126 votes; one write-in vote.


  • District 1 seat: incumbent Ryan Haack, 505 votes; two write-in votes.
  • District 2 seat: David Vander Broek 394 votes; Anthony Diehm, 162 votes.
  • District 4 seat: incumbent Scott Heetland, 461 votes; three write-in votes.

MOC-Floyd Valley

  • District 1 seat: Kley De Jong, 2,201 votes; 11 write-in votes.
  • District 2 seat: incumbent Amy Kleinhesselink, 2,120 votes; six write-in votes.
  • District 4 seat: incumbent Shane Jager, 2,087 votes; eight write-in votes.


  • Three at-large seats: Tracy Evans, 1,086 votes; Jon Pausley, 1,012 votes; John Klopstad, 983 votes; 30 write-in votes.

Rock Valley

  • Two at-large seats: incumbent Jerry Kelderman, 364 votes; Stacy Remmerde, 299 votes; Mike Suter, 202 votes; six write-in votes.


  • District 2 seat: Steve Waldstein, 868 votes; six write-in votes.
  • District 3 seat: incumbent Kecia Hickman, 907 votes; six write-in votes.
  • One at-large seat: incumbent Jessica Brink, 926; nine write-in votes.


  • District 2 seat: incumbent Kyle Grimes, 434 votes.
  • District 5 seat: Kristen Beyer, 250 votes; Roxanne Hayenga, 247 votes.

Sioux Center

  • Two at-large seats: incumbent Timothy Gesink, 732 votes; incumbent Scott Te Stroete, 702 votes; five write-in votes.

South O’Brien

  • District 2 seat: incumbent Julie Paulsen, 501 votes; four write-in votes.
  • District 4 seat: Beth Sibenaller-Woodall, 493 votes.
  • District 5 seat: Brenda Kruse, four write-in votes; Richard Frerk Jr., three write-in votes; Kimberly Marx, three write-in votes; and 24 other write-in votes.
  • One at-large seat: John Beck, 329 votes; Sue McCauley, 242 votes; one write-in vote.

West Lyon

  • District 3 seat: incumbent Justin Metzger, 34 votes.
  • District 4 seat: incumbent Derek Knobloch, 48 votes; one write-in vote.

West Sioux

  • District 3 seat: incumbent Larry Gregg, 277 votes; one write-in vote.
  • District 4 seat: incumbent Corey Utech, 260 votes; four write-in votes.