REGIONAL—There will be 119 city council and mayoral seats up for election this fall in N’West Iowa.

Nomination papers may be picked up at each respective community’s city hall or an area county auditor’s office or may be accessed through the Iowa secretary of state’s office website at

The filing period for most cities will start Monday, Aug. 26. Candidates need to turn in nomination papers by 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, to their respective city halls.

Regular city elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Maurice has a primary form of election. Because of this, candidates may file nomination papers between Monday, Aug. 12, and Thursday, Aug. 29, at the community’s city hall.

If needed, a primary election could be held on Tuesday, Oct. 8, in Maurice to narrow down the number of candidates to equal twice the number of city council seats up for election.

The minimum number of signatures a candidate needs from eligible voters on a petition to get on the ballot depends on the community’s population and type of election.

City council and mayoral candidates in Maurice each need a minimum of 10 signatures.

Most N’West Iowa cities have an Iowa Code Chapter 44/45 type of election, which bases the number of signatures needed from eligible voters off of population:

  • For cities with less than 100 people, at least five signatures are needed for each candidate.
  • If a community has a population of more than 100, but less than 3,500, a minimum of 10 signatures is needed for each candidate.
  • If a city’s population is more than 3,500, at least 25 signatures are needed for each candidate.

Orange City, Rock Valley and Sioux Center each have a runoff type of election during which candidates each must receive a majority share of votes to be elected.

In Orange City and Rock Valley, city council and mayoral candidates each need at least 10 signatures from eligible voters on a petition to get their names on the ballot.

For Sioux Center, city council candidates each need a minimum of 26 signatures and mayoral candidates each need at least 30 signatures.

County auditor’s offices recommend that candidates always collect more than the required minimum number of signatures.

City council and mayoral candidates must not have fewer signatures than the number required.


Listed below are the N’West Iowa incumbents for the city council and mayoral seats up for election this fall:

Lyon County

  • Alvord: Mayor Mark Nagel and council members Joe Kramer and Curt Nelson.
  • Doon: Mayor Tim Mantel and council members Brian Denekas and Nathan Van Beek.
  • George: Mayor James Cuttell and council members Ande Bruinsma, Kary Conaway, Norm Riemersma and Larry Thoelke.
  • Inwood: Mayor Gerald Brands and council members Chad Evans and Rebecca Bixler.
  • Larchwood: Mayor Dean Snyders and council members Brian Meffert, Tanner Tracy and Ted Underberg.
  • Lester: Mayor Daniel Gerber and council members Curtis Doorneweerd, Jeff Hoogeveen and Ladell Kellenberger.
  • Little Rock: Mayor Jeff Kruse and council members Leroy Buss, Amy Kruse and Joe Schilling.
  • Rock Rapids: Mayor Jason Chase and council members Tami Murray, Scott Schneidermann and Steve Wells.

O’Brien County

  • Archer: Mayor Karen Storm and council members Bill Engeltjes and Richard Ludeke.
  • Calumet: Council members Regina Loshman, Vicki Rausch, Bill Robinson and Tyler Sechler.
  • Hartley: Mayor Rodney Ahrenstorff and council members Jerry Olson and Roxann Swanson.
  • Paullina: Mayor Justin Stamer and council members Charles Harper, John Ihle and Dennis Werkmeister.
  • Primghar: Mayor Kurt Edwards and council members Doug Harms and Kevin Smith.
  • Sanborn: Mayor Randy Lyman and council members Tim Devit, David Marra, Larry Reitsma and Brian Visser.
  • Sheldon: Council members Peter Hamill (Ward 1), Brad Hindt (Ward 3) and Wayne Barahona (at large).
  • Sutherland: Council members Bruce Engelke, Steve Koch and Jack Wallinga.

Osceola County

  • Ashton: Mayor Patrick DeVries and council members Michael Klein and Doyle Trei.
  • Harris: Mayor Dean Phillips and council members Wayne Boyer, Victor McKenna and Amy Muftah.
  • Melvin: Mayor Paul Heitritter and council members Amy Baker and Chris Michelson.
  • Ocheyedan: Mayor Arlyn Pedley and council members Kevin Hertz, Mark Kruger and Mike Schuck.
  • Sibley: Council members Jan Henningsen (at large) and Tim Nobles (Ward 2).

Sioux County

  • Alton: Council members Leon Kleinhesselink and Steve Zenor.
  • Boyden: Mayor Laryl Koerselman and council members Nathan Alexander, Bob Koerselman and Kim Ochsendorf.
  • Chatsworth: Mayor Virgil Lidgett and council members Greg Arens, Robin Falde, Amber Gray, Cliff Puhl and Tyler Surrens.
  • Granville: Mayor Karl Kellen and council members Curtis Christoffel, Kay Koob and Matt Rinehart.
  • Hawarden: Mayor Ricard Porter and council members John Feldhacker and Travis Olson.
  • Hospers: Council members Mandi Kramer, Kelly Schulz and Arnie Vander Wilt.
  • Hull: Mayor Roger Buys and council members Mike Broek and Kim Wielenga.
  • Ireton: Mayor Chris Mueller and council members Kevin Eisma, Dawn Mueller and Craig Petersen.
  • Matlock: Mayor Charles Schwebach and council members Danny Griffith and Scott Maggert.
  • Maurice: Council members Bill Davis, Roger DeWeerd and Isaac Holtrop.
  • Orange City: Mayor Deb De Haan and council members Chad Oolman, Tony Vande Brake and Earl Woudstra.
  • Rock Valley: Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo and council members Mark Faber and Jeff Koldenhoven.
  • Sioux Center: Mayor David Krahling and council members Eric Moerman and Verlyn Rozeboom.