ROCK RAPIDS—A 32-year-old Sioux Falls, SD, man was arrested Friday evening, May 29, near Rock Rapids on charges of eluding resulting in injury or while operating while under the influence, in possession of drugs or participating in a felony; second-offense operating while under the influence; and interference with official acts.

The arrest of Christopher Jay Bootsma stemmed from him passing a deputy while driving a 2006 Harley-Davidson motorcycle clocked at 102 mph in a 55-mph zone on Highway on the east side of Rock Rapids about 7:55 p.m., according to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Another deputy observed Bootsma traveling about 60 mph in a 25-mph zone and run a red light in Rock Rapids.

The second deputy turned on his lights and siren and Bootsma picked up speed through town, reaching more than 90 mph, according to court documents.

Bootsma continued west for about two miles before he slowed due to road construction and eventually stopped.

He had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech and poor balance.

Bootsma initially would not provide his name or identification.

He eventually was transported to Sioux Center Health and a search warrant was obtained.

Bootsma “was doing everything in his power to delay the blood draw,” according to court documents, including saying he was scared of needles and yanking his arm away from the nurses.