MercyOne Primghar Wound Center honored

Christie Rodger, clinical program director of MercyOne Primghar’s Wound Center, rolls out the mattress carriage of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. The facility is the only one in N’West Iowa that offers the therapy treatment.

PRIMGHAR—MercyOne Primghar’s Wound Center recently achieved recognition on a national level.

The center was honored as a Center of Distinction by Jacksonville, FL-based Healogics, which is the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services.

MercyOne Primghar’s Wound Center opened in 2017 and is an outpatient department of the hospital. However, it is housed in a separate building located at 335 N. Welch Ave.

Christie Rodger, the center’s clinical program director, said being named a Center of Distinction was in recognition of the department’s clinical quality measures.

“We have certain goals that we try to achieve for each of our patients, one of them being our healing rate,” Rodger said. “We strive to make our healing rate of our patients 92 percent or greater.”

Ninety-two percent also is its target goal for patient satisfaction, which it tracks through surveys. Rodgers said the center’s existing satisfaction rate was about 99 percent.

It also aims to keep the median time to heal its patients at about 28 days, all while measuring their recuperation progress and making sure they are meeting goals for recovery.

The wound center also is the only medical facility in N’West Iowa that offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is a treatment in which patients breathe 100 percent oxygen while inside a pressurized chamber.

The influx of oxygen into the patient promotes the development of new blood vessels to wounded parts of the body, a process called angiogenesis. It also promotes skin growth and can help fight infection.

“A lot of times people have wounds that don’t get sufficient oxygen,” Rodger said. “Obviously, you need oxygen and blood flow to heal wounds appropriately. So patients that have different diseases that prevent oxygen to those wounded areas — this will help with that.”

The majority of patients who undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy at MercyOne Primghar are treated for soft tissue radionecrosis, a condition resulting from radiation exposure that kills soft tissues and makes them unable to regenerate normally.

Other conditions hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat include:

  • Arterial and venous ulcers.
  • Diabetic wounds.
  • Post-surgical wounds.
  • Wounds from traumatic injury.
  • Wounds from vascular disorder.
  • Burns.

Patients spend about two hours per day undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy and average about 40 treatments total.

In addition to Rodger, other staff at the wound center include hyperbaric oxygen therapy safety director Loretta Edwards, advanced registered nurse practitioner Amanda Rausch and medical director Dr. Ronald Kolegraff. Dr. Clay Beggerly also provides coverage when needed.

The wound center provides patient care 8 a.m.-noon Monday-Friday. Rodger said patients wanting to schedule an appointment there do not need to have a provider’s referral.

“Most places, to see a specialist of any kind you have to go through your primary care provider and get a referral,” she said. “We do not require that here.”