Sheldon Marching Orabs in Sioux Falls

The Sheldon High School Marching Orabs perform during the field competition at the Festival of Bands last Saturday in Sioux Falls, SD.

SHELDON—The Marching Orabs faced tough competition and relentless wind Saturday at the Festival of Bands in Sioux Falls, SD.

Sheldon High School finished fourth out of seven Class 2A entries in the parade competition and placed eighth out of 11 bands in their class in the field contest.

The wind was particularly challenging for the Marching Orabs in the field contest.

“We had some things that just were a disaster,” said Sheldon band director Cliff St. Clair. “Part of our sound system blew, literally, blew over and so we had some struggles along the way.”

Sheldon’s speakers were situated on top of a lightweight cart, making it an easy target for the wind. After the second time the speakers blew over, some parents went over to hold them in place.

Wind or no wind, St. Clair said band members still have work to do to improve their performance.

“We still have students that are struggling to get their music learned and just doing the fundamentals in terms of marching and making sure that they’re staying in step,” he said.

“At this at this stage of the game, when you have students that are struggling with those fundamental issues, it’s pretty tough to score very well.”

He noted the marching band’s up-and-down competitive season so far, since the Marching Orabs placed last in their first competition in Luverne, MN, but took first at the festival last week in Sioux City.

Instead of viewing the setbacks the marching band has faced this season as negative, St. Clair said they make good learning experiences for the students.

“What we have to do is learn,” he said.

“That’s kind of the way life is, and so we’re kind of looking at it and saying, ‘OK, we’ve got the challenge before us, we’re going to take it up and do the best we can with the time that we have.’”

The Marching Orabs will host the Iowa High School Music Association North District 1 State Marching Ban Festival on Saturday at Orab Field.

St. Clair said due to concerns about the weather, the competition will have a late start at 9:45 a.m. Seventeen bands, six of which will be Class 2A, will be participating.

Sheldon is scheduled to perform at 11:40 a.m.

The Marching Orabs will travel to Orange City to compete in the Dutchmen Field Championship hosted by MOC-Floyd Valley High School. Sheldon is slated to perform at 4:15 p.m.


Time               Band                                                    Class

9:45 a.m.       Sergeant Bluff-Luton High School        CO

10 a.m.          Gehlen Catholic High School                1A

10:15 a.m.     Woodbury Central High School           1A

10:30 a.m.     Judges’ Conference

10:35 a.m.     Lawton-Bronson High School              1A

10:50 a.m.     South O’Brien High School                   2A 29

11:05 a.m.     Cherokee Washington High School     2A

11:20 a.m.     Judges’ Conference

11:25 a.m.     Sioux Center High School                    2A

11:40 a.m.     Sheldon High School                           2A

11:55 a.m.     Sibley-Ocheyedan High School            2A

12:10 p.m.     West Lyon High School                        2A

12:25 p.m.     Lunch Break

1:15 p.m.       Spirit Lake High School                         3A

1:30 p.m.       Sioux City Bishop Heelan High School  3A

1:45 p.m.       Judges’ Conference

1:50 p.m.       Spencer High School                             3A

2:05 p.m.       LeMars High School                              3A

2:20 p.m.       Sioux City West High School                 4A

2:35 p.m.       Sioux City East High School                  4A

2:50 p.m.       Judges’ Conference

2:55 p.m.       Sioux City North High School                 4A