HAWARDEN—A 32-year-old Hawarden man was arrested after threatening a man spraying for mosquitoes in Hawarden.

Nathanial Christopher Kothenbeutel was arrested Thursday, July 4, after contacting authorities about the incident, according to the Hawarden Police Department.

In a 911 call, Kothenbeutel said at about 9:45 p.m. Wednesday, July 3, he approached the passenger side of vehicle being driven by Brandon Paulton, who was spraying the town of Hawarden for mosquitoes for his employer, Mosquito Control of Iowa.

Kothenbeutel started striking the window with his left hand while displaying an approximately 10-inch hunting knife in his right hand.

Paulton continued to drive away from Kothenbeutel.

When Paulton had escaped his reach, Kothenbeutel threw the knife at the vehicle, striking the passenger side.

As Paulton continued to drive away, Kothenbeutel picked the knife up and chased Paulton.

The incident occurred in the alleyway off Eighth Street between avenues H and I.

Kothenbeutel was charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon and transported to the Sioux County Jail in Orange City.