Namaste at the gym

Kristin Lassen, Renee Carlson and Morgan Granstra formed the Live Healthy N’West Iowa team “Namaste at the Gym.” Photo submitted

REGIONAL—Like usual, the region flexed its creative muscles with team names for Live Healthy Northwest Iowa this year.

From “Namaste at the Gym” to “Slow as Hul,” the word smiths in the region did not disappoint.

Live Healthy Northwest Iowa, an extension of Live Healthy Iowa, started Jan. 11, and runs through March 19.

Teams consist of two to 10 team members and each team gets to create its own name while competing in the weight-loss division, minutes of activity division or both.

David Van Egdom of Hull is on the team “Work Out Wonders.” It’s a name his squad has used for multiple years.

“We didn’t have a great name so we started looking for an acronym or something,” Van Egdom said. “We settled on ‘Work Out Wonders’ or ‘WOW.’ My daughter drew us a poster for our offices.”

Many of the team names are based off names of the members.

Carol McDowell of rural Archer captains the team “Carley.” She and her husband, Dudley, named their farm “Carsandley” based off the first three letters of her name, the first letter of their children’s names, Steven, Andrew, Nancy and Don, and the last three letters of Dudley’s name.

“We were going to name our Live Healthy team ‘Carsandley,’ but then decided the four children are not participating so we shrunk the name down to Carley for the first three letters of Carol and the last three letters of Dudley,” McDowell said.

Morgan Granstra is from Sheldon and into yoga. She is the captain of “Namaste at the Gym.”

“Many yoga teachers close their practice with ‘Namaste’ to come together with their students energetically to a place of connection and timelessness,” she said.

The name also can be read seriously or as a funny play on words.

“When reading our team name, you could take it in a fun way,” Granstra said. “‘Nama-stay at the Gym’ and rack up those activity minutes or in a more serious way, ‘Namaste,’ like-minded, unified individuals coming together toward the same goal, ‘at the gym.’”

Tabby Wolf of rural Sheldon, the captain of the team “Hungry Wolves,” said her team name is based off her last name.

“When we first competed in the challenge three years ago, we decided that we might be hungry and so we connected that to our last name ‘Wolf.’ That is how ‘Hungry Wolves’ was created,” she said.

Meg George of Sheldon captains the team “Go Bosco.” Like “Hungry Wolves,” it’s based off a surname.

“Bosco is a nickname for my maiden name, Boscaljon, and since our team is my parents and me, it just fit that we’d be team Go Bosco,” she said.

Some names are mantras.

Dianne Wolthuizen of Sheldon is the captain of “Lose it Now.”

“The name says it all,” she said. “It is time to ‘Lose it Now.’

Sheldon’s Samantha Smits captains the “Swole Sisters.”

“We came up with the name because we are a team of women, a sisterhood if you will, that are working to get stronger both physically and mentally while supporting one another along each of our individual journeys,” she said.

Jamison Van’t Hul of Hospers is the captain of the team “Slow as Hul.”

“We got the name ‘Slow as Hul’ due to our last name being Van’t Hul and also because we’re not the fastest on the track, but we get to the end eventually,” he said.

Ashley Sandersfeld of rural Hartley and her teammates work at Lewis Family Drug in Sheldon. Their team name is #PharmPhed.

“Pharmacy is where that part comes from,” she said. “We all either live on a farm or acreage or are married to a farmer. It’s a play on words from farm fed, it is a weight-loss challenge but we all like to eat, changed to Pharm Phed,” she said.

When Kristin Kleinwolterink of rural Sheldon was asked how her team came up with the name “Team Margarita,” she answered with a rhetorical questions of her own.

“Who doesn’t love a good margarita?”