Katie Chronicles Episode 3

A Lowe’s employee helps out Sheldon native Katie Knight and her partner, Tiffany Gill, during a California stop.

REGIONAL—Welcome to the Katie Chronicles, a weekly segment from The Mail-Sun/nwestiowa.com in which we recap Sheldon native Katie Knight’s time on “The Great Grass Race,” a new reality TV show aired through Menace Vision.

Starting from California, Katie will spend the next three months of her life traveling across the country on a riding lawn mower with an eventual goal of arriving in New York City.

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Episode 3

This episode started with some drama between the Green Team and the Red Team after it was revealed that the Green Team was the team that illegally ordered a pizza. The Green Team accused the Red Team of snitching which sparked an argument.

Host Brent Schraff penalized the Green Team five hours for breaking the rules. Meanwhile, the teams started going to different businesses asking for support — remember they are not allowed to have money — and the Orange Team managed to get free oil for everyone.

Katie is on the Pink Team and she and her partner, Tiffany Gill, decided to go to a Lowe’s Home Improvement store to “get some pity from strangers.” At the store, they learned what kind of oil to get for their mower and customers bought some supplies for them.

“People are so nice,” Katie said.

“I know, they are really saving us now,” Tiffany added.

One person also tried to give them gas money but the duo gave it to their cameraman instead so that they would not violate the show’s rules. Schraff praised the Pink Teams’ honesty in a voice-over as they erected their new tarp over their trailer.

The episode ended with the Green Team appearing to break up before hugging it out.

Episode 4

A lot of teams are hanging out as a gas station and trying to figure out where they can stay for the night. As the caravan of mowers moves on, the Pink Team and their new tarp are seen catching up to the group.

During a rest stop in Pablo Robles, CA, the teams dined on In-N-Out Burger and Denny’s purchased by supporters in the parking lot of another gas station.

From there they found a park to nap in and Katie could be seen napping in the back of her team’s hitched trailer.