J&K Insurance and Real Estate

Newly printed yard signs stand ready at the J&K office now that the company has three real estate salespersons.

SUTHERLAND—The local real estate market is expanding with three new certified salespersons at Sutherland-based J&K Insurance and Real Estate: Jessica Wimmer, Stacey Ewoldt and Beth Fuhrman.

“We wanted to better serve our customers. We all live here, we know the customers, we know the area, and we saw a really good opportunity,” Wimmer said.

The trio decided to get more into real estate during the COVID-19 lockdowns. After learning they could earn their licenses with internet courses, they jumped at the chance.

“We could do it online, so we thought, ‘Why not try it?’” Ewoldt said.

The new team was enthusiastic to get started with what Wimmer called a “full-service office.”

In addition to the bolstered services, J&K also has added a location in Moville.

The new team has not sold any houses so far, but Ewoldt said the pandemic has not had an effect on the agency.

“We’re still pretty new yet,” she said.”

The company has a nearly 40-year history serving the area, and Wimmer noted the advantage of adding property sales to the J&K repertoire.

“We’ve done real estate before and we’re back at it again,” Wimmer said. “Our main priority has always kind of been insurance, but we felt an opportunity to serve our customers and help our community grow a little bit.”

The three women are certified as salespersons, which is distinct from Realtors who sponsor them. Salespersons are required to hold their certification for three years before applying for their brokerage license. At J&K the sponsoring broker is company co-founder Chuck Kummerfeld.

Kummerfeld is retired but has maintained his credentials with the requisite annual 36 hours of continued education.

“I held onto my license just in case someone needed a sponsor,” Kummerfeld said. “I’ll make sure to keep it long enough to get those girls through until they can be their own brokers.”

The longtime agent said he originally got his license when the company was starting out, and that his first broker also was a retired individual.

“We did not have a real estate agent at the time,” he said.

Now that J&K is back to being a full-service agency, Kummerfeld said the area will benefit from having people in and of the neighborhood.

“It gives them a local rep, who knows the local market and provides local service,” he said.

Wimmer also emphasized the benefits of a nearby real estate office in the rural communities the company serves.

“We continue to look forward to serving our customers and community,” she said. “With three full-time agents, we are always available for your buying and selling needs.”