Lyon County Sheriff's Office

Lyon County Sheriff's Office

INWOOD—The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reported the arrest of Travis Allen Jensen, 39, Inwood, about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, March 9, on a charge of interference with an official act, a simple misdemeanor.

The stems initially from a deputy stopping five kids along a street in Inwood and being told that there was fight or a domestic situation at their residence at 105 N. Maple St.

According to court documents, the kids held the door open for the deputy when he got to the residence and they told him the individuals involved in the situation were in the back room.

When the deputy neared the back room, he announced he was with the sheriff’s office.

“The female opened the door and said something to the effect ‘Now look who is here,’” the deputy said in his report.

Jensen “came around the corner and had has hands up and was very aggressive toward me,” the deputy stated.

The deputy deployed his Taser, but Jensen continued to come at him and “be aggressive and threatening.”

A second deputy arrived and deployed a Taser.

After a short altercation, Jensen was taken into custody.