Ma Shirley's Lunch Shaq

Shirley Addink, owner of Ma Shirley's Lunch Shaq, has been dishing out lunchtime favorites in Inwood since 2006. Her homemade pies typically sell out in a day.

INWOOD—The smell of hot, home-style food filling the air in downtown Inwood is pouring out of a little red shack called Ma Shirley’s Lunch Shaq.

The small restaurant moved from its location along Highway 18 to Main Street in Inwood last summer. Owner Shirley Addink can be found dishing out full-flavored meals next to Nature’s Best organic agriculture supplier.

The 72-year-old operated the Gobblestop Turkey Shop with her late husband, Darryl Addink, for 14 years. The shop was a mobile trailer kitchen that served smoked turkey drumsticks and turkey breast sandwiches.

The Addinks brought their food to the people wherever they were. They set up shop at community events in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

“Then my husband developed Alzheimer’s and I could see the writing on the wall; we had to sell,” Shirley Addink said. “The gentleman that owns it is still in business. That’s kind of fun to watch.”

Addink did not stay out of the cooking game for long. She opened the Lunch Shaq in 2006.

Shirley Addink

Shirley Addink chops up some fresh lettuce for chicken breast wraps and sandwiches on Monday, June 3. The wraps and sandwiches are stuffed with chicken breast strips, tomato, onions, lettuce, ranch and bacon bits.

“When I gave that up I’m just like, man, I was feeling a little lost,” Addink said. “I really enjoy cooking and baking and so this had kind of been the answer for that.”

Her significant other, Forest Kent, grills hamburgers, hot dogs and chili dogs daily while Addink prepares fixings like her homemade potato salad and macaroni salad. Addink also makes homemade potato chips which are served with her special chipotle dip. Every day has a special meal offering, including chicken breast wraps or sandwiches, Philly sandwiches, pulled pork and brats. Scotcheroo bars and brownies are on hand for those who need something sweet with their meal.

Forest Kent

Forest Kent tends to some chicken breasts for Monday’s lunch special of chicken breast wraps or sandwiches at Ma Shirley’s Lunch Shaq.

Thursdays are one of the most popular days of the week. That is when Addink serves her homemade pies. Her fastest-selling pies are strawberry and strawberry rhubarb.

“It’s not a traditional pie crust. It’s more of a flour and oil combination pie crust,” she said. “If we didn’t sell them all that day we go ahead and finish them out on Friday usually. A lot of times there’s nothing left on Friday. I add apple, and I add blueberry and I add cream pies every once in awhile.”

Addink always loved cooking and baking, but she really started to hone her culinary skills when she learned some tricks from her ex-mother-in-law Carrie Van Regenmorter.

“She was an awesome, awesome cook and taught me a lot way back when,” Addink said. “They were into the grilling and more of the gourmet food.”

Anyone wanting to grab a bite at Ma Shirley’s Lunch Shaq will have to find time during the summer. When school starts, Addink closes up shop for the winter. The food hut will be open on select Saturdays for special events, such as Inwood’s Fourth of July weekend celebration.