Life Line Screening

SHELDON—Residents living in and around the Sheldon can learn about their risk for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and other chronic, serious conditions through screenings provided by Life Line Screening.

The screenings will be offered Thursday, July 18, at the Sheldon Community Services Center.

Screenings can check for:

  • The level of plaque buildup in your arteries, related to risk for heart disease, stroke and overall vascular health.
  • HDL (high-density lipoproteins) and LDL (low-density lipoproteins) cholesterol levels.
  • Diabetes risk.
  • Bone density as a risk for possible osteoporosis.
  • Kidney and thyroid function, and more.

Screenings are convenient and accessible for individual in wheelchairs and those with trouble walking.

Packages start at $149, but consultants will work with individuals to create a package that is right for them based on their age and risk factors.

The Wellness Gold Membership Program allows individuals to get all the screenings they need July 18, but pay $19.95 a month.

Call 1-877-237-1287 or visit the website at

Preregistration is required.