Jody Ewing

Jody Ewing of Onawa is the founder of Iowa Cold Cases, a website dedicated to cold cases around the state. Originally started as part of a reporting project, Ewing found herself in shock when she had to put her own father, pictured in the portrait above her, on the website after he was killed in an explosion. Brian Powers of The Des Moines Register

REGIONAL—“Gone Cold: Exploring Iowa’s unsolved murders” is a yearlong collaborative effort by Iowa news organizations to revisit some of the most brutal and mystifying homicides in Iowa’s history.

Beginning in the Aug. 1 issue of The N’West Iowa REVIEW and in the weeks following, we’ll share information about many of the state’s 438 unsolved homicides.

It is our hope that by sharing these stories with a broad audience, justice will come for some of these victims.

Victims like Brown University graduate Adam Lack, who was murdered on the night of July 13, 2008, in Nora Springs, his family’s second casualty in their fight for clean water. And realtor Dorothy Miller, who on Aug. 18, 1969, was raped and stabbed while showing an unoccupied house in Burlington.

Each week for the next year, Iowa news organizations will explore cold cases — those that law enforcement no longer has any clues on which to follow up. A case can go cold weeks, months or even years after the death.

And it can be reopened if new evidence is introduced. There is no statute of limitations on murder.