SHELDON—The fall musical for Sheldon High School will certainly be spirited.

The drama and music departments will present “Ghost the Musical” at 7 p.m. on Friday-Saturday, Nov.13-14, in the high school auditorium.

“We are very excited to be producing a musical this year during all of the uncertainty of COVID-19,” said director Jodi Grant.

“We try to change up the genre of shows we do each year, so this show is a drama. There will still be some comic moments though.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Grant noted they have taken additional precautions with this year’s production including a smaller than normal main cast.

“There are only nine principal characters in this show,” Grant said. “We will divide the chorus up so that there will only be a couple of songs in which the majority of the cast will be involved.

“This show has the ability to be streamed online if we would need to go that route instead of having a live audience. Also, we will not be using a pit orchestra this year. Instead, we were careful to choose a show that offered a performance recording that can be used during the show nights.”

Rehearsals for “Ghost the Musical” start Monday, Aug. 31.