GEORGE—A 19-year-old George resident was arrested about 9 p.m. Saturday, May 23, on charges of domestic abuse assault — impeding flow of air/blood causing bodily injury and possession of alcohol under legal age.

The arrest of Four Lewi stemmed from the investigation about a fight in progress in the 200 block of East Michigan Avenue in George, according to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities were told that a shirtless male wearing black and white checkered shorts was beating a female wearing a blue shirt and then drug her into the garage and shut and locked the doors.

When deputies arrived, commands to open the door were ignored before the door was opened by Lewi, who was shirtless and wearing black and white checkered shorts.

In the back of the garage was a female who was identified as Lewi’s girlfriend. The female was wearing a torn blue shirt had scratches all over her arm, neck, face, and shoulders, according to court documents.

She also had defined strangulation marks around her neck and admitted to passing out because of it.

Lewi also had several defensive wounds in the form of scratches.

A no contact order was issued against Lewi with the woman.