Ties & Tiaras

Girls will be able to see if their fathers are good dancers or not when Excellence for East hosts its first-ever Ties & Tiaras event Saturday, May 8.

Ties & Tiaras is a father-daughter dance and it will be held at East Elementary gym in Sheldon.

Tickets are available for any little lady who is 16 and under along with their fathers.

“We were just trying to think of fun activities for people to get involved in the community,” said Excellence for East secretary Samantha Haupert. “One of the women on the board had the idea. We have seen some in the area. They have one in Sioux Falls and this is something we’ve had on the radar.”

Tickets for Ties & Tiaras are $15 and can be bought on the Eventbrite page. The link for the Eventbrite page can be found on Excellence for East’s Facebook page.

There were 125 tickets available for the dance and Haupert said the event already is at 70 percent capacity.

“We are encouraging people to buy tickets ahead of time because we only have so much capacity,” Haupert said. “If we run out of tickets, we won’t have any at the door.”

A ticket covers the dad and the daughter. Girls can bring their own tiara or a tiara may be purchased at the dance for $5. Tiaras are not required, though. Masks are recommended.

There is no dress code for the event. Girls may wear dresses if they want or they can go in regular attire, whichever one they feel comfortable wearing.

“Just really whatever they feel like,” Haupert said. “Some of the girls are planning on fancy princess dresses. We are going to make it fancy so the girls will have a lot of fun.”

The doors open at 5:45 p.m. and Ties & Tiaras starts at 6. It will go until 8. There will be snacks and the music will be provided by Stovetop Productions.

Haupert hopes the Ties & Tiaras father-daughter dance becomes an annual event.

“We are super excited. Some of the girls from the high school dance team will come and help us out to get things moving on the dance floor,” Haupert said. “It seems like everyone is really excited about it. Some of the dads are a little nervous.”