Eagles Club in Sheldon

The Eagle Club in Sheldon will play host to a Trivia Night put on by the St. Patrick’s Catholic School Parents Acting Together committee starting at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 9.

SHELDON—Sheldon is playing host to a trivia night that also serves a greater purpose.

The St. Patrick’s Catholic School Parents Acting Together committee is sponsoring the event, which starts at 6 p.m. Saturday at the Eagles Club in Sheldon.

Teams can be composed of six-eight people and it costs $10 per person to play. Funds will be used by PAT to benefit St. Pat’s.

Angie Fischer, chairwoman of the PAT committee, said the group based its trivia night on one another committee member attended in the Kansas City area.

“We thought it would be a great idea,” she said.

Like a traditional trivia night, there will be multiple rounds — eight with 10 questions each — and the team with the most points at the end wins, but there also are some twists added.

If a team can’t answer a question, it may use a mulligan. Mulligans are sold in packs for five for $20 each. Cash only.

Participants also may handicap a rival team by jailing its star player.

Before a round starts, a $5 donation sends that team’s version of Ken Jennings to jail — Fischer had one built for the occasion — and multiple people can be placed in jail, but each requires a $5 donation.

A player who is jailed must stay in jail for the entirety of the round, although teams may bail out a player for, you guessed it, a $5 donation. Again, cash only.

Teams also may steal another team’s star player.

The minimum bid to poach a player is $10 and the bids are open to all teams including the team from which the player is being stolen from and there is no limit; however, teams must have enough cash to pay for the high bid.

The player goes back to their team after being poached for a round and teams can only have one additional person per round.

While not required, Fischer encourages teams to dress up and decorate their tables with a theme. Attendees will vote on the best themed team later in the evening.

More than nine teams have signed up for the event so far and Fischer said there is plenty of space for more in the Eagles.

“I can get 25 tables in there easily,” she said. “We’ll make room.”

St. Pat’s PAT committee was started four years ago and it’s a support organization for the private school, akin to how some schools have a PTA.

Fischer said it’s just parents who work together to raise money to provide a few additional services for the school.

“We do quarter parties for the kids — we’ve sent them to the movie theater before — we also use our money for like the library, or P.E. or music, which are ones that aren’t in our budget, so pretty special things,” Fischer said. “And we use it for Teacher Appreciation Week; they get gifts each day and they go out to lunch and it’s all paid for by the PAT.”

Parents come in and serve lunch and handle recess duty while teachers go out to eat on the PAT’s dime during Teacher Appreciation Week.

PAT also hosts various feeds, hold baked goods sales, does community impact night at Pizza Ranch and conducts other activities to sustain itself.

Should trivia night become a hit, it could be added to PAT’s regular rotation.

“I want to make it good and fun so people will want to come back and do it again,” Fischer said.