DOON—The community of Doon has cooked up an idea on how to give to a good cause.

The Doon Days Committee and the Doon Elevator Co. put on the inaugural Doon Dining Duel on June 1. The event was held at the Doon Elevator’s truck shed.

About 175 tickets were sold at $30 per person for the culinary contest, although about 200 people overall attended when the number of competitors was included.

“We’re going to plan on do­­ing it again next year because it went over really good,” said Doon Days Committee member Matt Van Engen. “We heard lots of good things.”

The Doon Days Committee and the Doon Elevator worked together to organize the cooking competition, which was held as a fundraiser.

All of the proceeds from the contest will go toward the annual Doon Days celebration and other needs that come up for the Lyon County community of about 600.

The contest featured 15 en­­tries in three categories:

  • There were seven entries for the main dish category: Lanny Meendering of Inwood won with his brisket.
  • The category of sides/soups/salads had five entries: Leonard Hoekstra of Doon won with his taco salad.
  • There were three entries for the drinks/desserts category: Adam Van Engen of Doon and Brad Grevengoed of Doon won with their stroopwafel cookie topped with a stroopwafel ice cream drink.

All of the entries were sam­pled and judged by people who had purchased tickets to get into the event.

Each of the respective winners’ names and the categories that they won will be listed on a plaque, which will be hung up at Burns’ Grill & Doon Steakhouse.

“We thought about doing a traveling trophy, but we decided to do this instead,” said Matt Van Engen, older brother of Adam Van Engen.

Despite being a first-time event, the competition went well with little chaos.

“It was set up really perfect,” Matt Van Engen said. “We had the cooks that were cooking right outside that were using grills and smokers.

“They could just walk right in and they had their tables set up where they were handing stuff out,” he said. “It flowed really well and it went pretty good considering we had never done it before.”

People already are looking forward to next year’s Doon Dining Duel.

“It was a great time,” Matt Van Engen said.

“We had nothing but good words said about it. That’s why we’re definitely going to do it next year.”