Digital marketer sees rural opportunities

Brent Comstock, the founder and CEO of BCom Solutions, speaks during the annual Northwest Iowa Development Partner Meeting on Wednesday evening, Sept. 18, in Rock Valley. His business works with campaigns, causes and companies around the world to deliver impactful digital marketing solutions.

ROCK VALLEY—Brent Comstock believes there are endless opportunities for success in rural America.

The founder and CEO of BCom Solutions was one of the two featured guest speakers during the eighth annual Northwest Iowa Development Partner Meeting.

The 24-year-old Auburn, NE, native spoke in front of nearly 140 people during the event Wednesday evening, Sept. 18, at the new Parkview Event Center in Rock Valley.

BCom Solutions, which has offices in Auburn and Lincoln, NE, is an action-oriented di­­gital marketing agency that works with campaigns, causes and companies around the world to deliver impactful digital marketing solutions.

The title of his presentation was “Connecting the Disconnected.”

“Our company has evolved in a lot of different ways,” Com­­stock said. “We’ve chan­ged business models in a lot of different capacities.”

He noted the point of his presentation was: How do you get Americans from different generations to understand that rural areas matter and make impacts across not only the country, but around the world?

“What’s interesting is, everyone assumes that rural America is dying, but when you ‘Google’ rural America, you see opportunities,” Comstock said. “You see and hear about investment from government.

“Across the political spectrum, there’s interest in rural communities, yet when you talk to people from a city and you say, ‘I’m from Auburn, Nebraska,’ they go, ‘Where’s that?’” he said.

When he tells people his hometown is located in a southeast Nebraska county of about 3,500 people, he often gets asked whether that area has cellphone service.

“When I was in college, I just told people ‘No,’ because then they wouldn’t call you,” Comstock said jokingly. “Some places, they actually believed me.”

He compared looking up rural America versus urban America through an online search engine.

“What’s fascinating is that we build this rural-urban divide as this great chasm of challenges,” Comstock said. “Google, the all-knowing being, says differently.

“Everyone has challenges and everyone has an opportunity,” he said. “If you actually look at Google, there seems to be more opportunities in rural America than a lot of people are letting on.”

He shared BCom Solutions’ mission.

“Our mission is to bridge digital gaps by providing innovative digital solutions to disconnected parts of our world,” Comstock said. “More specifically, we look at: How do we help rural campaigns and causes globally make a difference?”

He talked about his business partnering with groups such as rural broadband coalitions and agricultural organizations.

“How do we partner with local, small-town businesses so that they understand that they have an impact on their community and they have an impact on a larger portion of the world?” Comstock said.

He shared BCom Solutions’ purpose.

“We want to ensure that rural America’s connectedness is not seen as a liability, but as an asset with unlimited potential,” Comstock said.

“While many people see rural America as this vast open space of nothing, our company has recognized that there’s a vast open space and an opportunity for anything.”