Amanda Ten Napel

Amanda Ten Napel will join the Creative Living Center staff as a mental health clinician and outpatient therapist on May 21. She will serve from the Sheldon and Rock Rapids offices.

REGIONAL—Helping couples and families build and maintain healthy relationships is something Amanda Ten Napel is passionate about.

The 27-year-old earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota in 2015. She will be bringing her expertise to Creative Living Center starting May 21.

“It was always interesting to me that everybody in my family — all of them are married,” Ten Napel said. “Even to have my husband (Travis) and I both have parents that are still married is kind of a big deal in the generation here and now.”

“That’s always interested me to like, how can I help people keep that for their families,” she continued. “The divorce rate is still around that 50 percent, so one in every two. It’s kind of rare if you think about it that both of us would have married parents and parents above that who are still married.”

Ten Napel will serve in the Sheldon office and a new Rock Rapids location. She will see many types of clients, including elementary-age children, teenagers and geriatric patients.

“I really liked the idea of working with couples, mainly because I think I like getting both sides of the story and being able to see the dynamics, rather than you just hear one side and try to have them help the other person,” she said.

She has had her eye on Creative Living Center for a couple years while she was working for Southwestern Mental Health Center in Worthington, MN. Until now, the timing was never quite right. After welcoming her second child in January — a son, Beau — Ten Napel felt the timing was perfect.

Ten Napel grew up in Jefferson and has lived in Sibley since 2013. Although she met Travis while in Jefferson, he is originally from Sibley.

“It’s nice to have his family here,” she said. “We live right next door to his grandparents and his parents live down the street from us.”

New location

Creative Living Center is growing its service area with a new location in Rock Rapids.

The office will be at the Lyon County Annex at 315 First Ave. Suite 206.

The mental health agency will be the primary mental health provider for Lyon County starting July 1.

“We are really eager to be back in Lyon County and to provide mental health services to the county,” said Dr. Shawn Scholten, co-director of Creative Living Center.

Initially, Ten Napel will be in the office on Tuesdays during the day. Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner Veronica Sherwood will be in the office once a month; those dates have not been determined.

The center is expanding its school services to the West Lyon and George-Little Rock school districts.