REGIONAL—Have you ever had a large ball of fire safely ignited from your hand, or used a banana to pound a nail into a wooden plank or been slimed by a puking plastic pumpkin?

Families who attend The Amazing Chemistry Show at 7 p.m. Friday, March 8, inside the sanctuary of Sutherland Church of Christ will be entertained by these experiments and more.

KidMin Science’s Josh Denhart, a former children’s pastor and high school chemistry teacher who is the founder of the show, will present the fun-filled program at the church.

“The Amazing Chemistry Show is an educationally entertaining stage production using fast-paced and engaging science experiments to captivate kids and adults with explosions, colored foam, liquid nitrogen and glow-in-the-dark solutions,” said John Erickson, the church’s lead pastor.

He mentioned the family activities that will be held 6-7 p.m. inside the church’s gym just before The Amazing Chemistry Show.

“In addition to this hourlong production, families are invited to participate in a hands-on science experience with more than 150 exhibits featuring rockets, magnets, electricity, magnification, slime and more,” Erickson said.

The church also is bringing Denhart in to run a STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — program at South O’Brien Elementary in Primghar earlier in the day.

“South O’Brien Elementary is really looking forward to this event,” said principal Michael Morran.

Lab technicians from the Foundation Analytical Laboratory of Cherokee will volunteer their time as well to help teach during the programs at the church and the school.

“To begin the day, we have teamed up with South O’Brien Elementary for a day of science,” Erickson said. “Beginning at 9 a.m., Josh — along with volunteers — will be teaching STEM by using science experiments designed for the different levels of learners.

“Students will create rockets, slime, catapults, bridge building and chemical reactions within a bag,” he said. “The school day will also conclude with a separate one-hour stage show.”

Erickson reached out to Denhart, a Des Moines resident, about traveling to N’West Iowa to put on presentations in Primghar and Sutherland.

“I follow a lot of children’s ministry groups on Facebook,” he said. “They come up with great ideas. Josh is an exploding name in the children’s ministry world right now. He’s very popular, very successful.”

His church has never hosted Denhart before. Church members will volunteer their time to help out during the programs at the church and the school.

“This has worked really well,” Erickson said. “It’s really a great bridge for us to serve the school. It’s exciting to be able to help the school out and to be able to bring in someone with this level of STEM programming. We’re just very excited about the event.”

This story originally appeared in the March 2 issue of The South O'Brien Sun.