Chapter 7 Grand Librarian art

The final chapter of The Adventures of the Grand Librarian

SHELDON—The Mail-Sun has partnered with the Sheldon Public Library for an interactive summer reading project.

For the last seven weeks, we published a new chapter in the continuing saga with a vital choice to be made at the end. This week’s final chapter was written by Tonya Wiekamp and illustrated by Liam Trego.

The Adventures of the Grand Librarian

Final Chapter

“Are you sure this is the way home?” the Grand Librarian asked.

“If we just keep following the breadcrumbs, we’ll get to my house,” Hansel replied.

A shaft of brilliant light suddenly flashed in front of them. There stood a woman in a long, pink gown holding a long golden scepter with a bright star on the top. The light surrounding her faded as she said, “I’m sure I can help you get back home.”

“Who are you?” Hansel and the Grand Librarian asked in unison

“My name is Glinda, and I’m the Good Witch of the North,” she said. “I’d like to help you get back home. I understand you’ve had quite the adventure the past few weeks!”

Nodding her head, the Grand Librarian excitedly responded, “Oh, yes! But I must get back to my library to continue helping the children in the Realm of Sheldon.”

“Well then, simply click your heels together three times, repeat the words ‘There’s no place like home’ over and over, and you’ll be back in no time!”

“Oh thank you, Miss Glinda! Thank you, Hansel, for taking me through the forest.”

Then the Grand Librarian clicked . . . clicked . . . clicked her heels. “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home . . .”

The wind picked up, she closed her eyes and felt herself flying through the air.

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! The Grand Librarian slowly became aware of the sound of her alarm clock waking her up. She opened her eyes, stretched her arms over her head and pushed the blankets to the side.

“What a strange dream,” the Grand Librarian said sitting up on the edge of the bed. Then she slowly uncurled her sticky fingers, wondering about the red gummy bear sitting in the palm of her hand.