Chapter 6 Grand Librarian artwork

In her last adventure, the Grand Librarian met the Glumphs, an alien race, on their spaceship.

SHELDON—The Mail-Sun has partnered with the Sheldon Public Library for an interactive summer reading project.

Each week, we are publishing a new chapter in the continuing saga with a vital choice to be made at the end. This week’s chapter was written by Chris Paca and illustrated by Aftyn Dietrick.

Follow along, and let us know what the Grand Librarian should do next.

The Adventures of the Grand Librarian

Chapter 6

“Jack, wait up!” yelled Sleeping Beauty, chasing Jack into the woods.

The Grand Librarian watched the two disappear into the shadow of the trees.

“Not that tree,” Rumpelstiltskin insisted, “this one!”

He pointed to a tree that seemed to suddenly appear.

The Grand Librarian leaned into the hollow of the tree and pulled out a heavy chest of coins.

“Here,” she hefted the chest and clanged it on the steps.

Rumpelstiltskin grinned a sly, devious smile showing his yellow-brown teeth.

“He would gain much from flossing,” thought the Grand Librarian.

“Thank you,” Rumpelstiltskin sang, the words dripping from his mouth. “Gotta pay the troll toll.”

His wicked green eyes twinkled.

The Grand Librarian watched speechless as the UFO rose up into the air and went from a giant garbage can lid to a tiny speck of silver turned to nothingness.

“Wait!” she wailed. “Wait.”

The Grand Librarian sat on a rock and wept.

“I will never get back to the Realm of Sheldon.”

Feeling hopeless, she put her head into her hands and wondered if she would ever lay eyes on Rumpelstiltskin again.

“Wanna bite?” squeaked a small, shy, sweet sound.

The Grand Librarian looked up into big, brown eyes.

“Helllloooo?” she said.

“Who was this boy and where did he come from?” she thought.

His name was Hansel and he was offering her a handful of wet, sticky, colorful gummy bears.

“Wanna bite?” he repeated, plunging the sweets into her face.

“Ummmmm, sure,” the Grand Librarian conceded as she picked one and pretended to eat.

“Why are you sad?” Hansel peeped.

“I’m lost,” admitted the Grand Librarian as she watched him lick the slew of gummy bears in his hand.

The Grand Librarian dropped her yellow gummy bear and spied a trail of breadcrumbs.

“What’s that?” she pondered.

“Oh, that’s the way home,” Hansel said. ‘C’mon, I’ll show you.”

He grabbed her hand and tugged her toward the woods.

What should the Grand Librarian do?

A) Look for Jack and Sleeping Beauty.

B) Go with Hansel.

C) Stay and wait to see if Rumpelstiltskin will come back for her.

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