The Grand Librarian Chapter 4

The Grand Librarian has an unexpected alien encounter during chapter four of her summerlong tales of adventure.

The Mail-Sun has partnered with the Sheldon Public Library for an interactive summer reading project.

Each week, we are publishing a new chapter in the continuing saga with a vital choice to be made at the end. This week’s chapter was written by Paris Keith and illustrated by Cindy Arizmendi Ramirez.

Follow along, and let us know what the Grand Librarian should do next.

The Adventures of the Grand Librarian

Chapter 4

“Well, let’s get headed to the beanstalk before Maleficent or the giant find us,” the Grand Librarian pants.

“Thank you for releasing me from my prison. I didn’t think anyone would ever find me up here,” said Sleeping Beauty.

“I heard you cry out, so I climbed the beanstalk,” Jack pointed. They rush to the beanstalk and climb down. Just then a shadow falls over them. They all shiver and look up slowly. “What is th-th-that?”

Grand Librarian can’t believe her eyes! “That is a UFO! What is it doing here?!”

“What is a UFO?” Jack asks shakily.

“An unidentified flying object.” Sleeping Beauty tells him matter of factly. Grand Librarian looks at her quizzically

“How do you know that?” Grand Librarian asks.

“There’s nothing to do but read when you’re locked up in a house all day. I have read every book Maleficent had TWICE!,” she stated proudly.

“Ahem ladies, there is still the matter at hand, the UFO.” Jack points back up at the UFO hovering over them.

“Well, we need to see who is flying it and what they want I suppose.” Grand Librarian looks up at the saucer overhead. All of a sudden a beam of light shoots down upon them and they start to feel lifted off their feet.

“I don’t like this! First, I meet an angry giant, then I meet a witch, and now what?!” Jack stretches his toes down to try and meet the ground again.

“Oh hush now Jack.” Sleeping Beauty reprimands him. “Some savior you are.”

“Now, now. Let’s settle down until we see who or what we are dealing with. No need to fuss until then.” Grand Librarian reassures Jack.

What should happen next?

A) Rumpelstiltskin is driving the ship.

B) Little green aliens are there to study them.

C) A floating blob is there to kidnap them.

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