Rock Valley polling place

The Parkview Event Center functions as a polling place in Rock Valley on Election Day. Candidates who will appear on the ballot in N'West Iowa local races are finalized and the elections are set for Tuesday, Nov. 2. The registration deadline is Monday, Oct. 18.

REGIONAL—Without the spectacle of federal or state elections, odd-numbered years are the time for most elected city and school officials to be in the spotlight and face the voters.

There are 184 people running for office in N’West Iowa, a four-county area of about 70,000.

Many races this year feature unopposed incumbents such as Orange City mayor, Deb De Haan, who is seeking a fifth term.

Other elections have a more competition such as George where five candidates are running for two council seats or Hawarden where nine citizens are vying to fill three seats. There’s even intrigue in tiny Matlock, where mayor Charles Schwebach faces a re-election challenge from David Phillips.

Some places do not have enough people on the ballot. Chatsworth only has three candidates filed for its five-member city council — prolonging a problem for the town of 80, which struggled earlier this year with finding a mayor. Ocheyedan faces a similar situation as it only has a write-in option for its three open council seats.

Whatever the state of the race, the registration rules are the same and some state laws have changed.

Iowans must register at least 15 days before the election, set this year for Tuesday, Nov. 2. This makes the deadline to register, Monday, Oct. 18.

As in previous years, voters can register on Election Day. However, proof of identity and residence will be required. Accepted IDs include an Iowa driver’s license, Iowa non-operator ID, military and veteran ID, a U.S. passport and tribal documentation. Voters who do not have any of those identifications can get a free Iowa Voter Identification Card from their county auditor’s office.

County auditor offices also host early in-person voting 20 days before elections, meaning absentee votes are permitted starting Oct. 13. The four N’West Iowa auditor offices are located in county courthouses at the following addresses:

  • Lyon County: 206 S Second Ave., Rock Rapids
  • O’Brien County: 155 S Hayes Ave., Primghar
  • Osceola County: 300 Seventh St., Sibley
  • Sioux County: 210 SW Central Ave., Orange City

All auditor offices are open 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Voters can also request absentee ballots to be mailed to them, and applications are currently open. County auditors may begin mailing absentee ballots on Oct. 13.

To be counted, mail ballots must be received by the time polls close at 8 p.m. on Election Day. Mail ballots are not counted if they are received after that deadline. This is a change from previous election policy were ballots were valid for a week after the deadline if mailed and postmarked before Election Day.

According to new state law, employers must allow all employees two consecutive hours to vote on Election Day. This is a decrease from the old law, which required three hours off to vote.

These are candidates as they will appear on ballots for the N’West Iowa mayoral and city council seats up for election on Tuesday, Nov. 3:

Lyon County

Alvord: Mark Nagel, incumbent mayor; Sam Metzger and Dennis Thielvoldt, incumbent council members.

Doon: Arlys Rozeboom and Les Vander Tuin, incumbent council members.

George: John Grotluschen, Bobby Gruis, Lucius Johnson, Jack Smith, council candidates, and Carola Oehmsen Vivian, incumbent council member.

Inwood: Richard Halma, Jordan Huyser, Rick Rozeboom, Mark Timmerman, council candidates, and Kyle Knobloch, incumbent council member.

Larchwood: Dean Snyders, incumbent mayor; Ned Hodgson, Shane Reinke, council candidates, Mike Metzger and Ted Underberg, incumbent council members.

Lester: Daniel Gerber, incumbent mayor; Erika Kellenberger, council candidate, and Lance Boote, incumbent council member.

Little Rock: Alex Wiertzema, mayor candidate; Shannon Lloyd, Thomas Schilling, council candidates, and Diane Peters, incumbent council member.

Rock Rapids: Jason Chase, incumbent mayor; Cody Hoefert and Ed Reck, incumbent council members; Roland Vander Lee, incumbent council member to fill vacancy, and Richard Reitsma, council candidate to fill vacancy.

O’Brien County

Archer: Nathan Mueller, incumbent mayor; Jeremy Engel, Branden Lehner and Troy Iedema, incumbent council members; Aimee Mueller, council candidate to fill vacancy.

Calumet: Michael Jensen, incumbent mayor; Regina Loshman, council candidate, and Andrew Lichter, incumbent council member; Kim Mesenbirk, council candidate to fill vacancy.

Hartley: Rodney Ahrenstorff, incumbent mayor; GreCotter, Nickolas Galm, council candidates, Ronald Hengeveld, Brian Myers and Mary Westphalen, incumbent council members.

Paullina: Brenda Ebel Kruse, mayor candidate, and John Ihle, incumbent mayor; Steven Heeren and Carol Honkomp, incumbent council members.

Primghar: Kayla Weishuhn, Kevin Kelleher, Steve Wittrock, Darin Logan, council candidates, Kenneth Miller and Tim Honkomp, incumbent council members.

Sanborn: Randy Lyman, incumbent mayor; Jerry Black and Larry Reitsma, incumbent council members.

Sheldon: Greg Geels, incumbent mayor; Ken Snyder, incumbent Ward 2 council member; Tom Eggers, incumbent at-large council member.

Sutherland: Kay Gifford, incumbent mayor; Devon Jones, Gary Tunink, Tyler Draper, council candidates, and Johanna Homan, incumbent council member.

Osceola County

Ashton: Patrick DeVries, incumbent mayor; JoAnn Koedam, Douglas Konz, council candidates, and Kay Winkel, incumbent council member.

Harris: Russell Meier, mayor candidate; Glen DeVries, Larry Hegwer, council candidates, and Jeff Loring, incumbent council member.

Melvin: Paul Heitritter, incumbent mayor; Jeff Sorensen and Michael Wynja, incumbent council members.

Ocheyedan: Arlyn Pedley, incumbent mayor; write-in two council candidates; write-in one council candidate to fill vacancy.

Sibley: Jerry Johnson, incumbent mayor; Mitchell Ackerman, incumbent Ward 1 council member; LaDonn Hartzell, incumbent Ward 2 council member to fill vacancy; Larry Stone, incumbent Ward 3 council member; Larry Pedley, incumbent at-large council member.

Sioux County

Alton: Dan Vande Griend, incumbent mayor; Harlan Jorgensen, Travis John Plathe and Terri Vander Pol, incumbent council members.

Boyden: Laryl Koerselman, incumbent mayor; Stacie Damstra and Austin Loges, council candidates; Robert Koerselman, incumbent council member to fill vacancy.

Chatsworth: Alan Arens, incumbent mayor; Bekki Baker, Robert Baker, Clifford Puhl, incumbent council members, and write-in two council candidates.

Granville: Write-in mayor candidate; Joyce Murphy, James Wynia, council candidates, and Christopher Hunt, incumbent council member.

Hawarden: Patricia Anderson, Robert Bak, Maria Camacho, Amy Cason, Monte Harvey, Douglas Koob, Kevin Warner, Jerry Wilson, council candidates, and Robert Klocke, incumbent council member; Stan Hoekstra and Dennis Hulshof, incumbent hospital trustees.

Hospers: Dannie Dykstra, incumbent mayor; Michael Thompson, incumbent council member, and write-in one council candidate.

Hull: Ryan Beukelman, council candidate, John Emerick, Eric Rankin and Les Van Roekel, incumbent council members.

Ireton: Kent Hoogland, mayor candidate; Brett Buyer, Gerad Gradert, Pamela Lewis and Jim Marco, council candidates.

Matlock: David Phillips, mayor candidate, and Charles Schwebach, incumbent mayor: Carol Fliear, Lori Hoven and Jo Stegemann, incumbent council members; Lance De Jong, council candidate to fill vacancy.

Maurice: Randy Hoekstra, mayor candidate; William Korver, council candidate, and write-in one council candidate.

Orange City: Deb De Haan, incumbent mayor; Rod De Boer and Steve Roesner, incumbent council members; Russ Adams, Chris Immeker and Dale Pluim, incumbent hospital trustees.

Rock Valley: Rod De Kam, council candidate, Charlene Granstra, Dale Kooima and Jeremy Van’t Hul, incumbent council members.

Sioux Center: John Brantsen and Jennifer Vermeer, council candidates, and Randy Vreugdenhil, incumbent council member.

These are candidates as they will appear on ballots for the N’West Iowa school and college board seats up for election on Tuesday, Nov. 3:

Boyden-Hull: Mark Nilles, incumbent District 1 director; Gina Woelber, incumbent District 3 director.

Central Lyon: Keri Davis, at-large director candidate, and Scott Postma, incumbent at-large director.

George-Little Rock: Andrea Johnson, District 2 director candidate; Kristi Landis, incumbent District 3 director.

Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn: write-in District 2 candidate; Chad Lyman, incumbent District 3 director; Scott Vollink, incumbent District 5 director.

MOC-Floyd Valley: Mere Reyes, incumbent District 3 director; Christine Koerselman, incumbent District 5 director.

Okoboji: Jesse Hoss, at-large director candidate, and Juli Johnson, incumbent at-large director.

Rock Valley: Jacob Brosamle, Mike Suter, at-large director candidates, Shelli Rens and Steven Van Den Top, incumbent at-large directors.

Sheldon: Susan Rensink, incumbent District 1 director; Lori Richards, incumbent at-large director.

Sibley-Ocheyedan: Laurel Klaassen, District 1 director candidate; Jamie Arend, incumbent District 3 director; Greg Atherton, incumbent District 4 director.

Sioux Center: Yeabsira Doornink, at-large district director candidate, LoriAnne Andersen, Nathan Bullock and Jerod Work, incumbent at-large directors.

South O’Brien: Sue McCauley, District 1 director candidate; Bobbi Honkomp and Joshua Rausch, District 2 candidates to fill vacancy; write-in District 3 candidate; Gina Paulsen, incumbent District 6 director.

West Lyon: Vincent Smith and Tanner Tracy, District 1 director candidates; Melissa Rozeboom, District 2 director candidate, and Jennifer Jenson, incumbent District 2 director; Alexander Hage, District 5 director candidate.

West Sioux: Russell Coons, incumbent District 1 director; Gary Donald Witt, incumbent District 2 director; Travis Dean Waterman, at-large director candidate, and Ken Koch, incumbent at-large director.

Northwest Iowa Community College: Cynthia Porter, incumbent District 1 trustee; Steve Loshman, incumbent District 4 trustee; Larry Hoekstra, incumbent District 7 trustee.